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APC SurgeArrest Performance P12U2 review: Lots of outlets and great features, including USB charging ports

The APC SurgeArrest Efficiency P12U2 has an excellent mixture of options for a low cost, 12-outlet surge protector that forestalls offering energy to connected apparatus when its inside circuitry can not save you surges. It additionally includes a somewhat conservative cutoff for the utmost voltage allowed thru the principle AC electric pathway.

Through design or for price causes, some surge protectors will stay energy flowing after the metal-oxide varistors (MOVs) that block surges burn out thru use. The one indication that surges can not be blocked on some surge protectors is a “coverage” LED, generally inexperienced, this is not lit. For other folks with trendy electronics, it makes extra sense to have energy prevent to keep away from the possibility of destructive connected gadgets from long run energy surges, and that’s our advice.

Energy flows between the road (L) and impartial (N) segments of AC energy, and most present hardware has a floor (G) to scale back the danger of fireplace and different injuries if electric wiring fails and quick circuits. (See our primer in this for a better rationalization.) This type initiatives a inexperienced LED thru plastic at one finish, which lighting up the phrase “grounded”—it’s an incredibly horny transfer, and one who’s blessedly simple to learn. If it doesn’t remove darkness from, name an electrician or a landlord right away, as you’ll be in peril.

apc p12u2 protected Glenn Fleishman

A stupendous backlit show makes it simple to identify whether or not coverage stays lively, although energy will prevent flowing to hooked up gadgets when its MOVs put on out.

A surge protector can prohibit, or “clamp,” voltage around the 3 legs between those parts: L-N, L-G, and N-G. This type gives 330 volts (V) of clamping throughout the principle line-neutral leg, probably the most vital position to dam surges. It has 400V clamping around the two grounded legs. Whilst coverage stays lively, the APC type bathes the phrase “secure” in inexperienced mild. When the MOVs ultimately fail, the sunshine will cross out and gear will prevent flowing to the AC retailers. (Oddly, those clamping voltages can’t be discovered within the handbook or product web page, however are “published” in black-on-black tiny molded sort at the unit’s underside.)

It may be tough to give you the proper spacing for a moderately sized 12-outlet surge protector, and APC manages reasonably smartly with the P12U2. All the face of the ability strip is flush, making it simple to insert plugs absolutely. 4 of the retailers are spaced at both finish, offset greater than an inch from the following nearest. 8 different retailers are in two rows, broadly separated within the heart. Those retailers are very best suited to same old AC plugs, somewhat than AC adapters.

USB charging ports

The P12U2 additionally comprises two USB jacks that can give mixed energy of as much as 2.four amps. The ports are positioned sadly carefully to probably the most broadly spaced AC plugs, on the other hand, because of this you’ll wish to moderately prepare pieces to make complete use of the charging ports and that AC plug.

Each and every outlet has a recessed outlet protetor for the principle reside prongs that may be firmly snapped on most sensible. Some other folks have issues about open retailers and prefer a function like this. I’ve by no means had a topic with undesirable pieces getting into touch with uncovered surge protector retailers in my lengthy enjoy, however it will probably be offering peace of thoughts for the ones whom it bothers.

apc p12u2 in use Glenn Fleishman

With even handed making plans, you’ll plug into each and every outlet APC’s SurgeArrest Efficiency P12U2 surge protector, together with the 2 high-speed USB charging ports.

The type has an inside circuit breaker that may be tripped when you exceed energy limits which might be a ways past customary client and electronics makes use of. The transfer will snap again to Off, and clicking it again to the on place, categorized Reset, resets the circuit breaker.

All surge protector insurance coverage insurance policies are squirrelly, as they require perfection at the a part of the consumer to acquire reduction within the match the corporate’s tool permits harm for your hardware. The buck quantity for this one isn’t within the paper coverage that incorporates the product, however at a URL. Following that URL (from a knowledge sheet dated July 2017) leads thru a redirection to a advertising and marketing web page without a data. I in the long run discovered the right kind web page, which notes this unit maxes out at $300,000 of insurance coverage, a ways above the few thousand bucks of kit maximum folks may connect with a surge protector.

As with different insurance policies, it covers simply the restore or honest marketplace worth of products, no longer the acquisition of latest replacements. Extra refined is the requirement that says be filed inside 10 days of wear, somewhat than the additionally narrow however extra affordable 30 days presented by means of many competition. Leave out the window and also you’re out of success.

The base line

APC’s SurgeArrest Efficiency P12U2 packs options, readability, and specs that make it a standout at a modest value. APC may just modestly enhance its guaranty and disclosure, however by means of each and every different measure, it’s a winner—particularly if you need USB charging inbuilt.

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