Australia Covid news live update: federal cabinet to debate net zero target; NSW, Victoria and ACT vaccination rates surge

Coalition tackles emissions target agreement today in lead-up to the Cop26 summit; NSW and Vic eye early freedoms as key vaccination targets are met; ACT exits lockdown on Friday. Follow all the day’s news live

  • GPs and some health departments in the dark over booster shots
  • Canberra set to become the most Covid vaccinated city in the world
  • NSW ‘freedom day’ brings new restrictions to regional areas
  • Vic restrictions; Vic hotspots
  • Vaccine rollout and rates tracker; Cases and data tracker
  • 5km and 10km from home map: check your travel radius
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ABC radio host Fran Kelly is not copping McKenzie’s politicking this morning.


We represent the poorest of marginalised people in the country, out of sight out of mind, outside of big business out of sight of [Greens leader] Adam Bant.

Big Business! Big businesses?! The mining companies are out the in regions. What are you saying?

We have been out of sight out of mind of the Greens, the Labor Party, big business. The National Party has done our job over the last decade. And all we’re asking is that we are respected, as the second party of government

We’ve actually been able to avoid very bad outcomes for our country and our communities.

We don’t have a carbon tax*, the big emitters like India and China are now going to be included in that global infrastructure. And we now have a framework, where countries like Australia can put forward plans to reduce emissions that are in our national interest.

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