Best Game Boy Color Games Of All Time

The Game Boy was a benchmark moment for Nintendo, as the Japanese company proved it was possible to deliver quality gaming in a handheld package. As the 1990s were drawing to a close, it was time for an update and Nintendo delivered what would become a trademark feature in its handheld department: an iterative but well-received boost with its current hardware. The Game Boy Color made its debut in 1998 in Japan, and brought with it a fancier screen, a staggering number of colors for the time, and a punchy sound from its speaker.

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This handheld also allowed for a more colorful selection of games, each one using the LCD screen to its maximum potential to deliver vibrant images and gameplay. While Nintendo hadn’t kept the news of the Game Boy Advance a secret, the Game Boy Color was more than just a transitional device until the next generation of handheld gaming arrived. It was mobile Mayfly with a short lifespan on the market, but one that still saw some of Nintendo’s best games released on it. We’ve rounded up the 10 best Game Boy Color games in alphabetical order.

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