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Every Dreamcatcher Location in Red Dead Redemption 2

When you’re searching for Dreamcatchers in Crimson Useless Redemption 2, so are we. Those beautiful however tough to search out collectibles are delicate and don’t take in a place on your stock. As an alternative, they only exist on the planet. There’s, to this point, no actual indication as to why they display up the place they do, so be looking out. Or, use this information to get a head get started.

There are 20 general dreamcatcher websites. See what we’ve discovered under, taken care of via state.


Dreamcatcher Tip: Your controller will in brief vibrate whilst you move an inspectable level like a dreamcatcher tree.

Underneath are the entire dreamcatchers we have now discovered to this point in New Hanover. Keep tuned for extra!

EditThe Heartlands Hills Dreamcatchers

Those dreamcatchers are probably the most first you can come throughout. Seek advice from the Heartlands, NH, and journey towards the “N” in Heartlands for your map. Now not a long way from the street is a tree stuffed with dreamcatchers that Arthur can follow.


HeartlandsDreamcatchers map.jpg

A naked tree stuffed with dreamcatchers overlooks an intersection of 3 roads southwest of Limpany in The Heartlands. Stroll or journey up the tiny ridge to watch those dreamcatchers


DreamcatcherA map.jpg

Those dreamcatchers are visual from the street at the west facet of The Heartlands. In case you are heading west at the street from Caliban’s Seat, you can see this for your means. Take a brief diversion to investigate cross-check those dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatchers b.jpg

Dreamcatcher B map.jpg

East of Fortunate’s Cabin in The Heartlands is a tree stuffed with dreamcatchers. You’ll spot this tree if you are taking the facet street east of Fortunate’s Cabin towards Valentine. The tree will probably be for your left.

Dreamcatchers c.jpg

Dramcatchers c map.jpg

Despite the fact that technically no longer in Horseshoe Omit, those Heartlands dreamcatchers are within sight. In case you are heading north from Horseshoe Omit alongside the tracks, you’ll be able to in finding this tree with dreamcatchers among others and close to the “E” in New at the map.

Dreamcatcher H.jpg

Dreamcatcher Emap.jpg

EditHeartland Overflow Dreamcatchers

At the southeast facet of the Heartland Overflow is a just about naked tree stuffed with dreamcatchers. You’ll be able to in finding it between the water and Guthrie Farm in The Heartlands.

Dreamcatcher I.jpg

Dramcatcher IMap.jpg

EditNortheast Heartlands Dreamcatchers

This dreamcatcher tree is within the “O” in New Hanover at the map, oddly. In case you are taking the street to the east of that “O” north in The Heartlands, you’ll be able to journey or stroll throughout the flower box to the treeline. In those bushes you can in finding one luscious tree adorned with the dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatcher J.jpg

Dreamcatcher Jmap.jpg

This one is a little bit more difficult to identify. Here is the place we entered the treeline:

Dreamcatcher Jent.jpg

Any other lone tree stuffed with dreamcatchers isn’t too a long way off from the border of New Hanover and Lemoyne. This lone tree is a bit more luscious than the only in The Heartlands, thus it has fewer dreamcatchers.

ScarlettMeadows Dreamcatchers.jpg

ScarlettMeadows Dreamcatchers MAP (1).jpg

Discovered a dreamcatcher location we haven’t? Be at liberty so as to add it via signing in on desktop and hitting the “Edit” possibility within the Web page Equipment dropdown menu, or tell us within the feedback under and we’ll get it added to this web page.

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