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Fallout 76 fans call out perceived Brotherhood of Steel timeline discrepancy

A gaggle of Fallout 76 fanatics have known as out a perceived discrepancy in Fallout 76’s timeline, relative to long-serving collection faction The Brotherhood of Metal. 

As reported by way of Eurogamer, Reddit consumer Baffodil voiced issues in regards to the following in-game observe which alludes to the Brotherhood’s presence in West Virginia’s Appalachia—the environment of the incoming multiplayer shooter RPG. Baffodil, and quite a lot of different potential gamers, reckon the BoS’s presence in east coast USA within the yr 2102 (when 76 takes position) is not up to most probably.

“Virtually all lore as much as the occasions of Fallout 2 and three with the BoS happened virtually solely in California,” says Baffodil, “with rating leaders having to make petitions simply to head on expeditions to amenities even inside California, earliest identified process used to be most effective in California round 2134. 

“The Brotherhood of Metal being in WEST VIRGINIA within the yr 2102 must be downright fantastic if now not not possible—the implied canon is they had been nonetheless hibernating of their bunker in Misplaced Hills till 2150 when they went on an Exodus from Mariposa at once south to their new base in 2077… Be aware the BoS weren’t created by way of Bethesda. So that is overstepping into authentic Interaction/Black Isle Lore and retconning FO1.”

In dialog with Gamespot (however now not in terms of Baffodil’s musings), Bethesda’s Pete Hines stated: “Our builders take such things as lore and canon severely and if they’ll do one thing they’ll make sure that that there is a actual and defensible reason why for it. We’ve got confirmed with Elder Scrolls video games, we are prepared to mention ‘Neatly a lot of people will say issues took place a technique,’ and the other or one thing else may just solely be true. 

“So there is no query that we have now long past again to modify issues to suit what builders have sought after to do and now not be beholden to one thing that anyone wrote 20 years in the past even in franchises that we created just like the Elder Scrolls.”

Hines then provides: “However having stated that, we do not take it flippantly to simply pass ‘Ah, we are simply going to do regardless of the hell we would like.’ There needs to be a concept procedure—what’s the rationale? Why would this logically paintings on this time? Why would there be tremendous mutants, or the Brotherhood of Metal? How does that every one have compatibility and cling in combination? There may be completely causes and explanations for the way all that ties to Fallout 76.”

The Brotherhood of Metal phase of the Fallout wiki says “reasonably little is understood in regards to the early years of the Brotherhood of Metal”, sooner than bringing up a breakaway “detachment” seemed in West Virginia in 2102—which seems to at once reference the above Fallout 76 in-game observe.

So, what do you are making of all of that? I assume we will have a clearer image come October 23 when Fallout 76 lands, however within the period in-between I will flip it over to you lot to speak about within the feedback beneath. We have mailed Bethesda asking for his or her ideas in this topic, too. 

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