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The hidden lives of ‘housegirls’ in Kenya

In Uganda, young women are leaving their homes to try and find jobs as domestic workers, but for some their new lives can lead to mistreatment and abuse. A charity in Kenya is calling for the introduction of laws to protect domestic workers, commonly referred to as housegirls, to ensure …

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'GoT finale: A poisoned chalice?

No idea why? Then you’ve clearly not been part of the huge cultural phenomenon that has swept the globe since “Game of Thrones” (GOT) first took to our screens eight years ago. The first-ever episode drew in a same-day rating of 17.4 million viewers, a figure that looks likely to …

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Team Sonic Racing – review – STACK

It’s easy to question why Sonic the Hedgehog would bother kart racing when he’s faster by foot. We certainly have. But the answer’s simple – it’s so that he and his mates all have an even playing field. ‘Team Sonic Racing’ is (almost) all about team racing with others – …

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