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Pokemon Go Adds Wild Legendary Pokemon For The First Time

Origin Forme Giratina may no longer be available in Pokemon Go, but some new Legendaries have taken its place in the hit mobile game. The Lake trio from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum–Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie–have begun appearing around the world–and this time, you won’t need to battle them in …

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Three killed in Hawaii tour helicopter crash

Image copyright CBS Image caption Residents used garden hoses to try to extinguish the blazing helicopter A tour helicopter crashed into a Hawaiian residential neighbourhood and burst into flames, killing all three people onboard, officials say. No bystanders were injured in the fiery crash in Kailua, a popular tourist destination …

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Valve Reveals Valve Index, A New Line Of High-End VR Gear

Valve has announced Valve Index, a new line of high-end VR gear aimed at users who want the best the technology has to offer. Preorders for the headset, controllers, and base stations go on sale tomorrow. According to Valve, the headset’s 1,440×1,600 LCDs have 50 percent more subpixels than OLED, …

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