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RDR2: How to Get Legendary Alligator, Cougar, and Other Tricky Pelts

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This information accommodates step by step directions for how one can hunt and kill Mythical Animals in RDR2. Under that, you’ll be able to additionally discover a map of places for each and every Mythical Animal in Purple Useless Redemption 2. There are 29 Mythical Animals to seek in Purple Useless Redemption 2, together with 16 animals — the remainder of the Legendaries are fish.

To kill a Mythical Animal in Purple Useless 2 you will have to hunt it in moderation — Mythical Animals don’t simply seem, you will have to hunt/observe them to face an opportunity of killing them.

  1. Equip your maximum tough guns and ammo. A Shotgun with Slug Ammo bought from a Fence is a smart searching accent. You can not injury Mythical Animal pelts so deliver robust guns and go away your bow in the back of.
  2. Trip to the world the place the Mythical Animal must seem in line with the map under.
  3. A black field must pop up at the higher left nook of the display indicating you’ve got entered a Mythical Animal’s territory.
  4. Get off of your horse and transfer in sluggish, spiraling circles to till a white query mark (?) seems for your map. That is the beginning of the searching collection.
  5. If you don’t see the black field pop up or the white ?, go away the world and camp close by. Go back and the black field must seem and the animal must spawn. Be aware that some Mythical Animals is not going to seem till you’ve got finished Grasp Hunter Demanding situations (One instance of that is the Mythical Panther, see under).
  6. On the white ?, press the button indicated to analyze the droppings, fur, or injury the animal left. This finds a trail. Click on the RIGHT STICK and LEFT STICK on the similar time to go into Eagle Eye mode and spot the trail (R3/L3).
  7. Practice the trail and, on the finish of it (normally the trail runs in a directly line from the place you began, and it at all times ends throughout the white circle at the map) input Eagle Eye once more.
  8. Examine the second one of 3 animal proof markers.
  9. Repeat the above steps to expose a 3rd proof marker. At this level, pay attention for the animal and crouch.
  10. Transfer slowly against the animal the use of the general trail illuminated through your Eagle Eye.
  11. Fill up Useless Eye as wanted, and goal the animal’s head together with your tough weapon.
  12. Once more, you can’t injury the pelt of a Mythical Animal so hearth as many photographs as you’ll. Animals just like the Mythical Dollar will run after taking injury, so you’ll be able to want to shoot temporarily, and with tough ammo.
  13. Method the Mythical Animal and pores and skin it.
  14. Should you let the animal escape, go away the world (return to Camp) and sleep 72 hours.

Methods to Use and Promote Mythical Animal Portions[edit]

  1. The portions of a Mythical Animal like antlers and tooth can be utilized to make an overly useful perks known as Talismans and Trinkets on the Fence.
  2. The Mythical Animal skins will also be offered to a Trapper for cash and to liberate beauty tools.


There are 16 Mythical Animals to seek all over New Hanover, Ambarino, Lemoyne and New Austin. Use the map and hyperlinks under for a information to each and every.

RDR2 LegendaryAnimalsMAP.jpg

  1. Mythical Alligator
    The mythical gator will also be discovered to the south of Lagras, within the marshy swamps west of Lakay within the Bayou Nwa area of Lemoyne. Skinning this alligator will praise you with the Mythical Alligator Pores and skin and Mythical Alligator Enamel.
  1. Mythical Endure
    In finding the mythical undergo within the clearing to the north of the lake at O’Creagh’s Run within the Grizzlies East area of Ambarino. You’ll first download the mythical undergo pelt and Mythical Endure Claw after finishing the project Go out Pursued through a Bruised Ego in Bankruptcy 2.
  1. Mythical Beaver
    The mythical beaver is located simply to the southeast of Elysian Pool, due west of the Van Horn Buying and selling Submit. Skinning it rewards you with the Mythical Beaver Pelt and Mythical Beaver Enamel.
  1. Mythical Boar
    You can to find the mythical boar across the northwest phase of Bluewater Marsh, on the northern fringe of the Bayou Nwa area of Lemoyne. Skinning it grants the Mythical Boar Pelt and Mythical Boar Tusk.
  1. Mythical Dollar
    You can to find the Mythical Dollar within the black bone woodland on the western foot of Mt Shan, northwest of Strawberry in West Elizabeth. The mythical greenback pelt is effective, however the Mythical Dollar Antler trinket is superb to get early on because it will increase the standard of your entire skins.
  1. Mythical Cougar
    You’ll hunt the mythical cougar west of Tumbleweed in Gaptooth Ridge in New Austin. Killing and skinning it earns you the Mythical Cougar Pelt and the Mythical Cougar 
  1. Mythical Coyote
    This mythical animal will also be hunted close to the west finish of Dewberry Creek, northwest of Rhodes within the Scarlett Meadows area of Lemoyne.
  1. Mythical Elk
    You can hunt the mythical elk within the woods due east of Bacchus Station, to the north-east of Citadel Wallace, at the border of New Hanover and Ambarino. Pores and skin it to earn the Mythical Elk Pelt and Mythical Elk Antler.
  1. Mythical Fox
    The mythical fox will also be discovered simply east of Mattock Pond, to the north of Rhodes in Lemoyne. It drops the Mythical Fox Pelt and Mythical Fox Claw when skinned.
  1. Mythical Moose
    You can to find the mythical moose within the a long way northeast nook of the map, through following the teach tracks north from Annesburg or heading up the river from Brandywine Drop in Roanoke Ridge. Skinning it unlocks the Mythical Moose Pelt and Mythical Moose Antler.
  1. Mythical Panther
    To liberate this mythical hunt, you will have to first whole nine Grasp Hunter demanding situations. When you do, you’ll to find it within the woods south of Bolger Glade, west of Shady Belle. Pores and skin the panther to earn the Mythical Panther Pores and skin and Mythical Panther Eye.
  1. Mythical Pronghorn
    The mythical pronghorn will also be present in New Austin, to the east and fairly south of Citadel Mercer. Skinning it grants you the Mythical Pronghorn Disguise and Mythical Pronghorn Horn.
  1. Mythical Ram
    You are able to to find the mythical ram within the hills simply north of the railroad, fairly east of Cattail Poind, around the Dakota River to the east of Valentine. Download the Mythical Ram Disguise and Mythical Ram Horn through skinning it.
  1. Mythical Tatanka Bison
    You can to find the Tatanka Bison in Hennigan’s Stead, south of Stillwater Creek. Pores and skin it to earn the Mythical Tatanka Bison Pelt and Mythical Tatanka Bison Horn.
  1. Mythical White Bison
    The Mythical White Bison will also be hunted alongside the north shore of Lake Isabella, within the Grizzlies West area of Ambarino. It supplies the Mythical White Bison Pelt and Mythical Bison Horn when skinned.
  1. Mythical Wolf
    The Mythical Wolf will also be hunted and skinned in and round Cotorra Springs, to the southwest of the Wapati Reservation and around the Dakota north of Citadel Wallace. Its pores and skin rewards you with the Mythical Wolf Pelt and Mythical Wolf Center.


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