The Best IGIDY Webcam Cover is Suitable for Laptop, Tablet, Echo dot, MacBook Pro, iPhoneiPad, iMac, Universal Camera Cover to Protect Your Privacy and Security

Price: $3.27
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God! Would you like me to help you prevent hackers from accessing your camera to take pictures or videos?

IGIDY webcam cover is the perfect product to protect your webcam.
This is because:

1. IGIDY webcam cover is not charged. Its principle is to achieve physical protection through the moving cover of the camera at the camera position.Each protection requires you to manually operate so that IGIDY itself can completely avoid being used by hackers.
2. The operation during protection is simple. You only need to manually pull the shutter to the CLOSE position, and you can easily close the camera.If the camera is needed, just pull the shutter back to the OPEN position manually, and the camera can be used again in one second.
3, IGIDY webcam cover’s volume is very small, the design is only 0.03 inches thin. It’s even thinner than a credit card. Installed on the camera does not feel its presence at all. It does not affect your aesthetic requirements.
4. IGIDY webcam cover is made of high-quality plastic materials and 3M adhesives. Mounts securely on your product. Of course, if you need to remove it, it is also very convenient and will not cause any damage to your camera.

How to install IGIDY webcam cover?
-Clean the surrounding surface of the camera.
-Remove the blue tape from the back.
-Align the hole in the cover with the camera lens and press.
-Slide the cover to open and close the camera.

– Colour: Black
-Material: ABS + 3M
-Product size: 0.7 ″ x 0.35 ″ x 0.03 ″
Suitable for all laptops, desktops, and smartphones with a camera.

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*Mini design* 0.03-inch ultra-thin design, can be perfectly combined with your camera, does not affect the normal use and aesthetics of your camera, you can not feel its presence when the laptop cover is closed
*One-click defense* Slide the camera to easily prevent all possible video surveillance by hackers
*Practical and reliable* Passed the test, can be widely used in laptops, tablets, echo points, MacBook Pro, iPad, iMac, etc.
*Easy to install* Clean the surface of the device, remove the protective layer, and stick it on the lens.
*Rugged and durable* Using 3M glue to allow the webcam cover to stick firmly to your device without damaging your camera and device surface

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