Wheel Of Time Is Sliding Into Everyone's DMs And It's Puzzling

Wheel of Time is arriving to Amazon next month, and to get people excited, official Twitter and Instagram WoT accounts have been sliding into people’s DMs, and dropping puzzle pieces.

Fans all over social media are posting these puzzle pieces in hopes of figuring out just what the completed puzzle looks like. I even got one, and I know almost nothing about the Wheel of Time novels. Thanks for thinking of me, Wheel of Time Twitter!

Additionally, I received a message as well, which is incredibly confusing. “And it shall come to pass that what men made shall be shattered, And the Shadows shall lie across the Pattern of the Age, And the Dark One shall once more lay his hand upon the world of man. Women shall weep and men quail as the nations of the earth are rent like rotting cloth. Neither shall anything stand or abide… until the pieces are reassembled. #PuzzleOfTime -TWEETER OF CHAOS”

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