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​Amazon's consumer business moves from Oracle to AWS, but Larry Ellison won't stop talking

Amazon Internet Services and products CEO Andy Jassy stated that Amazon’s shopper industry has nearly totally dumped its Oracle databases in a transfer geared toward taking Oracle CTO Larry Ellison’s primary punch traces away.

It is unsure Ellison will forestall speaking. In a tweet, Jassy said:

In newest episode of “uh huh, stay talkin’ Larry,” Amazon’s Client industry grew to become off its Oracle knowledge warehouse Nov 1 and moved to Redshift. By way of finish of 2018, they’re going to have 88% in their Oracle DBs (and 97% of crucial gadget DBs) moved to Aurora and DynamoDB. #DBFreedom

Now for software-as-a-service and cloud suppliers the use of Oracle databases, Amazon’s transfer could also be a key milestone. In any case, Salesforce co-CEO Marc Benioff would like to go away Oracle databases too, yet has to care for this peculiar bromance with Ellison simply to stay prices down a smidge. AWS and Salesforce have additionally partnered. And SAP’s cloud efforts in large part experience on Oracle databases too.

The comical phase is that it should not be all that embarrassing to run your corporate on Oracle databases. In the meantime, Oracle’s independent databases and 2d technology cloud sound promising. The issue is Ellison simply can not lend a hand yet yap about how the largest cloud suppliers run on Oracle. Ellison’s widespread quotations about how competitors are operating on Oracle blends gross sales pitch and taunting. The issue with repeated taunting is that at last you get punched within the head–even by way of large consumers.

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Jassy’s tweet is a gorgeous robust jab–not that Ellison goes to close up. I doubt Ellison may keep quiet if he sought after to. That is advantageous too. I really like the ones just about extinct tech chieftains who do not adhere to the PR/compliance/prison script and supply entertaining quotes.

This is Ellison on the Oct. 25 Oracle investor powwow at OpenWorld.

So that is every other declare I’ll make, Aurora, no longer constructed by way of Amazon, constructed by way of us, known as MySQL. Amazon simply gave it a brand new identify. Additionally it is true of Redshift. Amazon did not construct Redshift, that isn’t what they do. Those are — they only open-sourced items the place they constructed — that they used to construct their cloud. They did a perfect activity. They did a perfect activity of constructing the ones items to be had in a coherent — ship them in a coherent cloud. I give them numerous credit score. However they do not construct databases. Amazon nonetheless runs all in their — all of Amazon on Oracle Database. They’re attempting, they promised as a result of they do not like me reminding them of that publicly. They stated they are seeking to get off Oracle by way of 2020.

Neatly, that is very fascinating as a result of SAP has been seeking to get off of Oracle for 10 years. And SAP has its personal database known as HANA. However SAP nonetheless runs SuccessFactors on Oracle. They nonetheless run Concur on Oracle. They nonetheless run AREVA, and they have had AREVA for greater than a decade. They run AREVA on Oracle. The EU did a find out about of what number of SAP consumers in Europe, large consumers in Europe used Oracle, and so they checked out their 100 best consumers. We did not get all 100. We handiest were given 99. It seems that Nestle makes use of IBM Db2. SAP has been seeking to get off Oracle for a long time. It is not simple. Amazon simply moved a number in their warehouses to Aurora and close them down chilly. And you’ll learn the Amazon paperwork. I might like to — we will be able to ship you copies of the Amazon paperwork. Aurora is our different database. It is our low-end database. It is our database. It is not theirs. Neatly, it is open supply. Any person can use it for not anything.

Ellison could also be just a little obsessed with AWS and the have an effect on on its database industry. Ellison gave analysts a 54 slide presentation about independent databases and discussed AWS or Amazon 22 % of the time. See those two slides for the kickers.


And here is a take a look at Ellison’s chatter from Sept. 17 on Oracle’s first quarter profits convention name.

Within the IaaS or infrastructure layer of the cloud, we have now the arena’s most well liked and technically maximum complicated database, the Oracle Self sustaining Database. The Oracle Database is such a lot higher than different databases. Even our greatest competition use it to run their companies. Salesforce.com makes use of Oracle to run their gross sales automation cloud. SAP makes use of the Oracle Database to run their cloud services and products and just about all their on-premise consumers. Even Amazon makes use of the Oracle Database to run maximum in their industry.

Now that the Oracle Self sustaining Database is operating in our second-generation naked steel cloud infrastructure, consumers can each decrease their hard work prices and lower their Amazon invoice in part by way of operating the Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The Oracle Self sustaining Database robotically patches itself whilst operating to stop knowledge robbery. No different database can do this. We predict those are compelling benefits, with the Amazon infrastructure industry. We predict those compelling benefits will let us compete very successfully towards Amazon within the infrastructure industry. Lately, we could also be in the back of Amazon in infrastructure marketplace percentage, yet we’re method forward of Amazon in cloud infrastructure generation.

Word that Ellison stated he admires Amazon. However. He. Simply. Can not. Prevent. Speaking. About. Amazon.

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Extra from Ellison.

The Oracle Database is far inexpensive than the Amazon database is as a result of Amazon fees consistent with minute. We price consistent with minute. If we will be able to do extra in 1 minute — two times as a lot in 1 minute than they may be able to, we are part the cost. So we predict whilst other people will move to the Amazon Cloud and purchase no matter is there as a part of the Amazon infrastructure, any individual who is if truth be told looking for the most productive database in relation to reliability, in relation to ease of use, in relation to lowest price, they are all going to pick out Oracle.

Lets move on since Ellison has one thing to mention about AWS just about each and every quarter identical to his different two favourite subjects–SAP and Workday–but why trouble. The evidence issues shall be how AWS makes use of its personal mother or father as a migration case find out about for different large consumers to transport off Oracle. Most likely those migrations shall be about cash, yet a lot of the inducement would be the futile makes an attempt to muzzle Ellison. Excellent success with that one.

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