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10 best calculator apps for Android

best calculator apps for android
Everybody needs a calculator. Because of this, there have been many calculators through the years and they’re actually pretty easy to find. Most people use them to figure out stuff like how much to tip at restaurants and students literally must have them for school. Believe it or not, Android can solve all of your needs in this instance. Most people won’t need to look much further than the stock calculator app on their phone. Google’s calculator app is also pretty decent as a very basic replacement. Thus, we’ll focus more on some of the more complex calculators you can find on mobile. Here are the best calculator apps for Android!

Calc+ Is a newer, good looking calculator. It has a lot of the same aesthetics as Google Calculator and most stock calculator apps. However, it has some decent functionality. You get the basic arithmetic and some algebraic functions. The app also includes theming, a history that you can view, and you can change equations after you hit the equals button. There are a few more, but we don’t think many will care about sharing equations with friends. In any case, this is a perfectly acceptable replacement for a stock calculator app. It’s also completely free with no in-app purchases or ads (as of the time of this writing).

Calcu is one of the most popular calculator apps for Android. It features all of the basics. Some other features include a calculation history, memory keys, various customization features, themes, and gesture controls. It’s not a full scientific calculator, but it does have enough functions to go beyond what you normally find in basic calculators. The free version of the app contains advertising. You can remove ads for a single $1.99 purchase. Otherwise the two versions are basically the same. It’s a good competitor for the stock calculator app that comes on most devices.


Wabbitemu is an emulator for Texas Instruments calculators. It supports emulation of the TI-73, TI-81 through TI-86 along with most of the special editions of the TI-83 and TI-85. It shows the whole face of the calculator on your phone with every button available. You simply do whatever it is you would normally do with a graphing calculator. Of course, the app doesn’t come with an ROMs for the emulator. Thus, you need to provide your own TI ROMs in order to make it work. There are some bugs here and there and the developer outlines a few of them in the Google Play description. In any case, the app is entirely free and it gets regular updates. That’s good enough for us!


If we missed any of the best calculator apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!


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