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10 best dog apps for Android

best dog apps for android
Dogs are man’s best friend. Having one is like adding an extension on to the family because they are so very lovable. Taking care of them can be a bit of a struggle, though. These days, there is a healthy selection of dog apps that can help you out. Here are the best dog apps for Android! Don’t forget, they’re all good dogs.

11pets is a pet care app that It helps manage your dog’s health. Some of the features include a built in schedule so you can keep track of things like vet visits, medication schedules, vaccinations, and other events. There are also places for you to enter stuff like your dog’s medical history such as temperature, weight, and other info. It also has some cute stuff like dedicated, individual pet galleries where you can save images of your pets. It’s one of the better dog apps. This is also for other pets as well.


APP by ASPCA is one of the essential dog apps. It provides a database of plants, hazards, foods, medications, and other materials that are toxic to your dog. The app also includes a calculator where you can calculate the estimated severity of the poisoning based on how big your dog is and by how much of the material they ate. It’s all from a company that handles 180,000 dog poisonings every year. The app focuses on dogs, cats, horses, and birds. Anyone who has those should also seriously consider grabbing this app. It is entirely free with no in-app purchases or advertisement.


Dog Training is an app that gives you tips on how to train your dog. Most people have their own style when it comes to stuff like this. However, an app like this one can give you some pointers to help along the way. It includes tips, popular training methods, and popular tricks for common problems. The app won’t replace a trained professional. It should be good enough for basic stuff, though. It’s another one of the better free dog apps, although this one does contain advertising.

Dog Training

Google Maps is one of the excellent dog apps. Most use it for restaurants, traffic updates, and other stuff. However, Maps is a great place to find dog parks, vets, dog friendly hotels, walking spots, and more. In addition, it should have decent info on things like 24/7 pet hospitals and stuff like that for emergencies. Let’s face it, you probably already have Google Maps. Why not use it for your dog too?

Google Maps

PetCoach is a newer app that helps you find free veterinary advice. It’s kind of like the WebMD for pets (aside from PetMD, of course). You can search for things like symptoms or behaviors and see if it’s symptomatic of anything potentially serious. You can also ask questions and get answers from vets, dog trainers, pet nutritionists, and other varieties of experts. It doesn’t substitute for a real visit to the vet, but it’s a good spot for some advice on smaller stuff. They also support other pets as well.


PetDesk is an informational app for pet owners. That includes dogs! It helps make appointments for vets to see your dog. Additionally, it keeps track of medications and it keeps track of communications with your vet. The app includes a network of vets, groomers, and even boarders. That way you can find a sitter when you go on vacation. It supports other animals as well as dogs. Many of the services included cost money, but the app is free to download and use. It’s one of the essential dog apps.


If we missed any of the best dog apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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