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A new series on antiracism, and why Beto O'Rourke is 'no bold progressive' | The Resistance Now

Antiracism and America: a series

The Guardian has collaborated with the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University in Washington on a new series which aims to look beyond the daily news, focusing instead on people confronting racist power and organizing to lay the foundation for an antiracist world.

Ibram X Kendi, the director of the ARPC, is the contributing series editor. He says the series will aim to “step back from the news cycle and offer essays and reporting that are reflective rather than reactionary, ambitious rather than restrained, looking forward as we look back, treating as they diagnose”.

The times when all seem lost are the times when we most need to see the people and ideas trailblazing the way out of the muck. This series provides the hope and direction essential for change. It previews the future, or what future generations, perhaps, will most adore about what we began in our racial era.

Check out the Antiracism and America series here.

What we’re reading

Beto O’Rourke is “neither a bold progressive nor a distinguished legislator”, according to Zaid Jilani at Current Affairs.

“While the Democratic base is coalescing around single-payer healthcare and free college, O’Rourke sponsored neither House bill. During his time in Congress, he never joined the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He has been, however, a member of the New Democratic Caucus, the group organized to carry on the ideas of Clintonite policies.”

Jilani says that for all the talk and excitement about an O’Rourke presidential bid, he is not the man to challenge Donald Trump.

Holiday giving

The Nation has put together a handy list of charitable organizations people can donate to this holiday season. Black Voters Matter Fund, which helped mobilize black voters in the south ahead of the midterm elections, and Survived and Punished, which works to change laws which punish women for defending themselves from violent partners, are just two of the worthy groups named.

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