Adventure Time Pulls Off a Perfect Finale


The entirety remains, nevertheless it nonetheless adjustments.

This evaluate comprises gentle spoilers for the sequence finale of Journey Time, titled “Come Alongside With Me.”

Journey Time could have aired its ultimate episode, however this isn’t actually its finish; we’ll get to stay seeing the exploits of Finn, Jake, and co. in an reliable “Season 11” comedian e book continuation. Moreover, the wider franchise of toys, video games, and different products might be ongoing for who is aware of how lengthy. Nonetheless, the realization of the caricature itself is a bittersweet instance, each for youngsters who grew up gazing the display and older audience who in a similar way preferred its singular strangeness and grace. The sequence finale, “Come Alongside With Me,” embodied the entire qualities that made Journey Time so cherished – its center, its humor, and its willingness to greenback expectancies.

Whilst the sequence itself has now ended, it already wrapped up maximum of its giant plotlines forward of time. The Lich, the display’s greatest habitual villain, used to be handled roughly definitively long ago at the beginning of Season 6, greater than 4 years in the past now (and midway via its general run). Within the time since, Journey Time has performed out one prolonged, nearly leisurely denouement, like a years-long exhalation. Alongside how it’s replied numerous mysteries (mentioning some new however much less pressing ones within the procedure) and given lots of its characters closure on their respective arcs (whilst leaving a variety of room for additional expansion). “Come Alongside With Me” ties in combination the tale’s main final threads, together with Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald’s warfare and Betty’s quest to revive her cherished Simon, however is much less curious about wrapping the ones up in an epic means (regardless that it no doubt does that) than with making one closing remark at the display’s greatest concepts.

“Come Alongside With Me” has one of the vital components you’d be expecting of a sequence finale. There’s a wealth of callbacks to moments, catchphrases, and in-jokes from the entire historical past of the display. Sure long-simmering subplots get their payoffs, with the definitive affirmation (and resumption!) of the Princess Bubblegum / Marceline romance being the largest little bit of fanservice. The display additionally well introduced again Rebecca Sugar to do yet another unique track, deployed completely at an amazing emotional crescendo. However the “Gum Struggle” doesn’t play out as many audience could have anticipated or was hoping it could (resolving with a mass consultation of enforced introspection as an alternative of a battle), and the entire thing is given an strange framing.

The episode opens no longer with Finn and Jake confronting Gumbald, however with a flash-forward to long term Ooo, that includes the completely other adventuring duo of Shermy and Beth. In a similar way to the more than a few “Graybles” anthology episodes, this paperwork a wraparound tool during which our heroes’ battles are recontextualized. On a purely purposeful storytelling degree, this creates some glorious suspense, as more than a few purple herrings and ambiguous narrative leads sooner or later segments counsel all kinds of imaginable results for the current-day scenes. However extra importantly, it emphasizes that without reference to how occasions play out, Finn, Jake, and everybody else will in the end die anyway.

This isn’t a supply of inexpensive nihilism; Journey Time hasn’t ever been about that. This has at all times been a display with its thoughts at the previous, provide, and long term concurrently. It’s a post-apocalyptic tale the place the pre-apocalyptic occasions grasp vital emotional heft, fairly than being a generic piece of background lore. During the display’s long-lived characters, like Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, and the Ice King, we’ve observed a slow-burn find out about in several techniques of processing and dwelling via previous traumas. And the ones arcs have evolved in live performance with Finn and Jake’s sluggish however distinct coming of age. The Graybles episodes have prior to now reminded us that simply as there used to be a global earlier than our protagonists, there might be one after them. This sequence has thrilled in seeing what number of alternative ways it could possibly contort the sector whilst that includes characters who stay identifiably human (although they’re manufactured from sweet, or fireplace, or lumpy house).

“Come Alongside With Me” deftly sums up this lengthy view of historical past in its giant musical second. Sugar’s track, “Time Journey,” is a gorgeous meditation on ephemerality, and a meta nod to audience at the display’s finishing.

Time is an phantasm that is helping issues make sense

So we’re at all times dwelling within the provide worrying

It kind of feels unforgiven when a just right factor ends

However you and I will be able to at all times be again then


A later verse necessarily summarizes the display’s conception of time and the way it pertains to our interplay with tales:

If there used to be some superb power out of doors of time

To take us again to the place we have been

And dangle each and every second up like photos at the wall

Within 1000000000 tiny frames in order that lets see all of it… all… all

It will seem like

Will occur, going down, took place

Will occur, going down, took place

And can occur over and over again

This speaks to the pretense of keep an eye on people have through the years with their talent to revisit fiction – or to head even deeper, with the mere act of reminiscence. It additionally speaks to the nonlinear idea strategy of Journey Time itself. “One billion tiny frames in order that lets see all of it” may just simply describe the home windows depicting other previous occasions within the Graybles episodes, and even to the method of animation itself, an imitation of lifestyles conjured from many nonetheless photographs operating in combination to challenge movement.

Consider this along side any other well-known Journey Time Rebecca Sugar track: “The entirety Remains” from the “Stakes” miniseries (one of the crucial display’s prime issues). It each meditates at the nature of exchange and of the display:

Let’s cross within the lawn

You can in finding one thing ready

Proper there the place you left it

Mendacity the other way up


While you in any case in finding it

You can see how it is light

The bottom is lighter

While you flip it round


The entirety remains

Proper the place you left it

The entirety remains

But it surely nonetheless adjustments

Ever so moderately

Day by day and nightly

In little techniques

When the whole thing remains

Journey Time maintained an ostensible established order for Ooo all over a lot of its run whilst persistently appearing how significantly other it used to be from what the sector have been, how other it could be within the far-off long term, and the way the folks dwelling in its now have been themselves converting “ever so moderately.” Impermanence is posited no longer as a explanation why to melancholy however as one thing gorgeous for its personal sake, and private expansion is made an expression of that larger common evolution. Tales don’t in point of fact finish; they simply go away the characters at an acceptable preventing level. Someday Ooo, we see each remnants of now-gone characters and others who’ve endured to stay round. Not anything in point of fact ends, the whole thing remains, nevertheless it’s at all times converting.

That’s the subtext underneath each and every foolish diversion, out-there scene, and dramatic battle over the process the sequence’ run. And in bringing this concept to its purest expression, “Come Alongside With Me” provides the display a deeply pleasant wrap-up. Although there are nonetheless tales to inform on this international with those characters, although a last montage (set to the titular track, made for the ultimate credit of each and every episode) presentations us that the characters will keep growing previous this preventing level, right here is a great position to mention farewell.

The Verdict

“Come Alongside With Me” simply ranks with the most productive of Journey Time’s episodes, however extra importantly, it acts as a really perfect capper for the sequence. It’s an exciting exclamation level, an intriguing query mark, and a poignant, quiet duration suddenly.

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