Apex Legends Monsters Within 2021: Skins And Everything To Know About The Halloween Event

Apex Legends’ Halloween event, Monsters Within, is live now through November 2 and adds a bunch of spooky content to the game, including new legendary skins. The event also brings back the Shadow Royale limited-time mode and adds a new Arenas map to the game called Encore. Monster Within also features three different free reward tracks during the event, offering an epic Loba skin and a Monster Within Apex Pack among the awards. Here’s everything you need to know about Apex Legends’ Monsters Within event.

Monsters Within Event Collection And Store

Like previous events, Monsters Within has its own limited-time item collection and Apex packs featuring the items. Monsters Within does not have an Heirloom item up for grabs like other events, but it does have 40 event-exclusive items, including four new legendary skins for Bloodhound, Revenant, Seer, and Caustic.

The collection also includes four legendary gun skins, four epic legend skins, and four epic gun charms. The items cannot be purchased directly using Apex Coins. The items can either be crafted for double the usual amount of materials–2,400 for a legendary and 800 for an epic–or you will need to roll for the items by buying a Monster Within Apex Pack. The packs cost 400 Apex Coins, which is four times the price of a standard Apex Pack. Each event pack includes at least one event item and cannot give duplicates.

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