Baker Hughes, launch reliability application via joint venture

Australian oil and gas industry among first adopters of AI: GlobalData
Australia’s oil and gas industry is implementing artificial intelligence for monitoring and compliance for health and safety, and uses across the supply chain, GlobalData has said.

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Baker Hughes, a GE-owned oil and gas company, and said the first application of its joint venture is generally available. The application, focused on providing an early warning of production downtime and operational risk, is called BHC3 Reliability. and Baker Hughes forged a joint venture in June to advance machine learning and artificial intelligence in the oil and gas industry. Baker Hughes is majority owned by GE, which has a platform called Predix and competes with C3 on some levels. 

Under the joint venture:

  • Baker Hughes GE took a minority equity position in;
  • Baker Hughes GE plans to accelerate its use of C3 AI Suite;
  • leverages BHGE’s existing digital portfolio;
  • And the companies will target customers such as Shell.

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BHC3 Reliability uses machine learning models to identify anomalous conditions that can upend equipment and processes. The applications alerts operators to take action to prevent downtime. BHC3 Reliability aggregates and analyzes data from sensor networks, enterprise systems, maintenance notes and information from piping and other infrastructure.

The application also applies to offshore and onshore production platforms, refineries, ptetrochemical plants and other infrastructure.

BHC3 Reliability was built on C3’s AI Suite as well as Baker Hughes industry knowhow and expertise.

AI and machine learning firms and cloud computing vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have been targeting the oil and gas industry for its deep pockets and rich data sets. 

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