Barton Gellman: ‘The Assange precedent is dangerous’

America journalist talks about being hacked by means of intelligence products and services, his dealings with whistleblower Edward Snowden, and why he loves detective fiction

Barton Gellman is an investigative journalist celebrated for his reviews on nine/11, former US vice-president Dick Cheney and the surveillance state. He used to be the one mainstream journalist that Edward Snowden approached in 2013 to submit his revelations about far-ranging cyber surveillance by means of the USA Nationwide Safety Company. His new e book, Darkish Replicate, is an account of his interactions with Snowden and the battle to show the USA executive’s attack on privateness.

The spectrum of opinion on Edward Snowden runs from heroic whistleblower to shameless traitor. What’s your personal figuring out of the person?
The ones labels appear to me like cartoons. I see him as being reasonably trustworthy in his ideals. I believe he used to be motivated kind of precisely as he described. He has an excessively black and white moral sense. I described him within the e book as sharing positive components with different self-described whistleblowers: zealotry and certitude of their very own ideals. However I consider his final possible choices had been heartfelt. My very own view is that he did extra just right than hurt.

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