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Best Custom Controllers for PlayStation 4 in 2019

Custom Controllers for PlayStation 4
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When you get tired of looking at the plain black controllers that come with your PlayStation 4, it might be time to start looking at custom controller designs. They can add a brand new taste or flavor to your gaming experience. Best of all, when it comes to PS4 DualShock and other third-party controllers, there are so many options to choose from.

Staff pick

Not only are users raving about the durability of this controller, but the comfort as well. This analog sticks on this controller are highly sensitive, allowing even the slightest movements to be registered in your game. If you’re a fan of games like first-person shooters, this is the perfect controller for you.

$30 at Amazon

While this controller isn’t compatible with a headset. it does come with trigger clamps and two different types of buttons for your D-Pad. This controller was crafted with long gaming sessions in mind and will help keep your hands a little more comfortable in the longrun.

$80 at Amazon

We all love a good design, and that’s just what ModdedZone has brought us. The design of this controller brings back a concept we have all known and loved for quite some time. The company has even included LEDs inside of the controller to help illuminate the thumbsticks, which give off a retro appearance.

$100 at Amazon

Who doesn’t love a good design with some great LEDs put in? You can even find it without the LED switch for $22 cheaper. These are modded PlayStation 4 controllers, so you won’t have to worry about your comfort changing — just the looks!

$132 at Amazon

If you’re not looking for any fancy lights, you can always go for standard updates that improve the visuals. This controller is painted with matte red and highlighted with gold buttons. It’s rather sleek, and will look great when added to your set up!

$150 at Amazon

ModdedZone strikes again with another stellar design. This one features my favorite Benjamins and “Real Gold 9mm Bullet Buttons.” If you’re looking to save a bit of money, but you like the button style, you can actually find just the button expansions on Amazon. Overall, this is a pretty baller way to upgrade your controllers.

$140 at Amazon

More control over your controllers

In regards to functionality, the AR-OWL C1 controller steals the show. Not only was a lot of thought concerning the comfort of your hands put into the design, but the company also made sure the sensitivity of the buttons, triggers, and analogs were more sensitive than your average DualShock. This makes playing games like Fallout 4 and Call of Duty that much easier to play because it registered even the slightest movements for the best sneak abilities. Plus it’s much cheaper than the competition.

For those looking for something a bit cooler, pick up the Illuminating Skulls Blue controller from ModdedZone. The form factor is identical to that of a normal DualShock controller so you’ll feel right at home, plus it looks pretty badass with glowing blue skulls. How can you say no?

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