BrandPost: Threats Are Going Deeper. Your Protection Should, Too

The fact is, nobody thinks cybersecurity will get any easier, any time soon.

Bad actors are continuously innovating, quickly moving to new targets and tactics just as defenses mature. It was hard enough protecting well-managed devices when they were kept safely in the office.  In today’s always-connected, always-moving mobile and remote world, securing devices and sensitive information can become an overwhelming challenge for IT staff and business decision-makers.

 A Multilayered, Defense-in-Depth Approach to Protection

As risks accelerate in volume and variety, AMD continues to pursue a carefully layered approach that relies on controls and capabilities embedded directly into hardware, software, and firmware. This is especially true for a more mobile “new normal.” With the latest AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors, AMD PRO security delivers a multilayered set of security features ready to help defend against sophisticated attacks of today and tomorrow.

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