Can American democracy survive Donald Trump?

Mendacity, paranoia and conspiracy are defining options of a totalitarian society. What hope is there for a brand spanking new technology, within the aftermath of an management that has depended on all 3?

“I WON THE ELECTION!” Donald Trump tweeted within the early hours of 16 November 2020, 10 days after he misplaced the election. On the identical time, Atlantic mag introduced an interview with Barack Obama, through which he warns that the USA is “coming into into an epistemological disaster” – a disaster of understanding. “If we do not need the capability to differentiate what’s true from what’s false,” Obama explains, “via definition our democracy doesn’t paintings.” I noticed the 2 assertions juxtaposed on Twitter as I used to be completing penning this essay, and in combination they exhibit its proposition: that American democracy is dealing with no longer simply a disaster in consider, however in wisdom itself, in large part as a result of language has develop into more and more untethered from fact, as we discover ourselves in a swirling maelstrom of lies, disinformation, paranoia and conspiracy theories.

The issue is exemplified via Trump’s utterance, which bears handiest probably the most tenuous relation to fact: Trump participated in an election, giving his declaration some contextual drive, however he had no longer received the election, rendering the declare farcical to those that reject it. The capital letters make it even funnier, a failed tyrant looking to exert mastery thru typography. But it surely stops being humorous after we recognize that tens of millions of folks settle for this lie as a decree. Their sheer quantity creates a disaster in understanding, as a result of truth-claims in large part rely on consensual settlement. For this reason the debates about the USA’s alarming political state of affairs have orbited so magnetically round language itself. For months, American political and ancient commentators have disputed whether or not the Trump management may also be correctly referred to as “fascist”, whether or not in refusing to concede he is attempting to impact a “coup”. Are those the precise phrases to make use of to explain fact? No longer understanding displays a disaster of data, which derives partly from a disaster in authority.

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