Doctor Strange 2, Thor: Love And Thunder, Black Panther 2, And More Delayed

Marvel Studios has announced several delays to its upcoming slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, including Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and more.  This news comes by way of IGN, which reports a total of six MCU delays alongside a massive delay for Indiana Jones 5. The latter has been …

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This horror game set in an abandoned toy factory isn't playing around

Dolls are creepy. Big shiny eyes, frozen expressions, delicate little arms and legs that seem entirely capable of suddenly springing into action. Plus, some dolls can talk. It's perfectly natural to be worried that a harmless little doll might one day say or do something absolutely horrifying. And that feeling is 100 times worse when you're talking about a big …

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Netflix Trans Employees Release List of Demands Ahead of Walkout

Dave Chapelle’s new comedy special The Closer has been in the news more for the comedian’s controversial statements in the special directed toward trans people. Both before and following its release, Netflix’s trans employees and allies protested the special and Netflix’s initial response. After scheduling a walkout to take place on October 20, the Trans* group has released a list …

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