Celebrities react to Notre Dame cathedral fire

It was a tragic day across the globe Monday as people watched on real time how the masterpiece of Gothic architecture that is the Notre Dame cathedral burned for hours on end in the center of Paris.

The disaster drew responses from all over the world on social media. Many celebrities took to Twitter to voice their heartache.

Actor James Woods tweeted, “As a Roman Catholic and a friend of France, to see this magnificent creation engulfed in flames is a knife to the heart. #NotreDame”

Actor Luke Evans also expressed shock, stating, “Im in utter shock watching the terrible sights on TV. #NotreDame cathedral is on fire and we are watching as the world is about to lose this 850 year old historical, iconic and beautiful world heritage building. Huge huge loss.”

As of this writing, the Cathedral remains ablaze. The French emergency services are currently trying to salvage what art remains within the Cathedral, but the fire seems to be carrying on with no end in sight.

It was not known what may have caused the fire, although it may be linked to renovations that were ongoing at the time. French President Emmanuel Macron cancelled an address to the nation and is going to be on scene of the fire, according to an Elysee official.

Dr. Lindsey Fitzharris stated, “The world stands helpless as history disappears before our eyes. Devastating. #NotreDame.”

British actor Idris Elba chimed in, stating, “I cannot believe what’s happening to Notre Dame.”

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams tweeted, “Interrupting my birthday to express how much pain I’m in watching the Notre Dame fire unfold. Such an incredible building. I’m so sad.”

Composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for his works in “Hamilton” and “In the Heights,” expressed sadness on Twitter.

Singer Camila Cabello tweeted, “my heart is breaking seeing the fire at notre dame. I’ll never forget walking in the first time in Paris and being in awe of the beauty of it.”

Ellie Goulding, who admittedly doesn’t pray often, sent out a tweet acknowledging the fire and praying for all to be well.

Actress Mira Sorvino tweeted, “Oh non!!!! My favorite Cathedral in the world!!! A most holy place. The famed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is on fire.”

William Shatner sent out well wishes to the people of France in his latest tweet:

Multi-platinum recording artist Josh Groban tweeted his support for France as well.

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