Check Out Every Ark Location and Reward in Rage 2

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All the Ark Locations can be viewed in our Interactive Map. This portion of the guide provides every Ark Location in Rage 2, what Nanotrite Ability or Weapon you get, and what to expect from each Ark. Below you will find the map, the chart detailing the Arks, and the location of each. 

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All Ark Locations List[edit]

Below is a chart documenting every Ark, its location, details, and rewards.

Ark Name Ark Location Region Difficulty Ark Chests Data Pads Storage Containers Inside the Ark Completion Rewards
Quake Hill Twisting Canyons 2/10 1 3 2 Vortex

(Nanotrite Ability)

Junkers Pass Ark Twisting Canyons 2/10 1 0 6 Shatter

(Nanotrite Ability)

Shrouded Vault Ark Dune Sea 6/10 2 0 5 Charged Pulse Cannon


Spikewind Ark Broken Tract 6/10 0 1 4 Barrier

(Nanotrite Ability)

Great Crack Ark Broken Tract 3/10 1 0 4 Grav-Jump

(Nanotrite Ability)

  • $144
  • 140 XP w/ Dr. Kvasir 
Canyon Cover Ark Broken Tract 5/10 0 0 0 Defibrillation

(Nanotrite Ability)

Dank Catacomb Sekreto Wetlands 7/10 0 0 0 Firestorm Revolver None.
Dealypipe Ark Sekreto Wetlands 6/10  0 0 5 Rush

(Nanotrite Ability)

Earthscar Ark Torn Plains 3/10 0 0 2 Slam

(Nanotrite Ability)

Strongbox Ark Torn Plains 4/10 2 1 5 Smart Rocket Launcher 


Needle Falls Ark The Wilds  7/10 0 0 3 Grav-Dart Laucher 


Greenhaven Ark The Wilds 10/10 2 0 4 Hyper Cannon

Quake Hill[edit]

Quake Hill Location is in the southeast section of the Twisting Canyons. 

Inside the Ark: Vortex Nanotrite Ability. 

Junkers Pass Ark Location is near the center of the Twisting Canyons.

Inside the Ark: Shatter Nanotrite Ability.

Shrouded Vault Ark[edit]

Shrouded Vault Ark Location is in the far east corner of the Dune Sea. 

Inside the Ark: Charged Pulse Cannon

Spikewind Ark[edit]

Spikewind Ark Location is to the west of the Broken Tract.

Inside the Ark: Barrier Nanotrite Ability

Great Crack Ark is located in the southern, center portion of the Broken Tract.

Inside the Ark: Grav-Jump Nanotrite Ability

Canyon Cove Ark[edit]

Canyon Cover Ark Location is slightly east of the Great Crack Ark.

Inside the Ark: Defibrillation Nanotrite Ability.

Dank Catacombs Ark[edit]

Dank Catacombs Ark Location is in the northern section of the Sekreto Wetlands. 

Inside the Ark: Firestorm Revolver

Dealypipe Ark Location is in the southern section of the Sekreto Wetlands.

Inside the Ark: Rush Nanotrite Ability.

Earthscar Ark Location is in the northern region of the Torn Plains. 

Inside the Ark: Slam Nanotrite Ability.

Strongbox Ark[edit]

Strongbox Ark Location is slightly south of the Earthscar Ark.

Inside the Ark: Smart Rocket Launcher.

Needle Falls Ark[edit]

Needle Falls Ark Location is in the southwest section of The Wilds.

Inside the Ark: Grav-Dart Launcher

Greenhaven Ark[edit]

Greenhaven Ark Location is in the north section of The Wilds. 

Inside the Ark: Hyper-Cannon

Ark Locations can be added to your map as part of the main campaign but these places can also be discovered just by driving around the Wasteland. These areas include money, Ark Chests, Storage Containers, and have Nanotrite Abilities. Completing these will give you Project Points which can be used to purchase upgrades from your allies: Lily Prowley, John Marshall, Loosum Hagar, and Dr. Kvasir.

Lost Rangers and Rewards Explained[edit]

Lost Ranger side quests are done by discovering Ranger Echos out in the wasteland. Investigating these areas often gives you money, storage containers, and other rewards such as Weapon Core Mods.

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