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Dragon Quest 11: Magic Key Door Locations (Awesome Loot!)


Those locked purple doorways comprise uncommon pieces and require a unique key to release. Those doorways are proven as purple lock icons at the map. You’ll obtain the Magic Key after defeating Dora-in-Gray in Phnom Nonh.

This web page incorporates the places for each and every Magic Key Door in Dragon Quest 11, together with pictures for the positioning of a magic door, and the checklist of each and every treasure inside of each and every of the hidden rooms. This web page is a piece in development — please take a look at our different collectibles sections, too:

Dqxi md 01.jpg

Dqxi md 02.jpg

  • Treasures: 5000 gold cash

Dqxi md 03.jpg

  • Treasures: Banishing Blade

Dqxi md 04.jpg

  • Treasures: 2000 gold cash, Making the Magic Occur (recipe guide), Seed of Ability, Mini Medal.

Dqxi md 05.jpg

  • Treasures: Mini Medal, Divine Designs (recipe guide), Seed of Magic, Dieamend.

Dqxi md 06.jpg

  • Treasures: Stylish Clobber for Kingly Youngsters (recipe guide), Crimson Orb, Enchanted Stone, Choker.

Dqxi md 07.jpg

Dqxi md 08.jpg

  • Treasures: Falcon Knife Earring

Dqxi md 09.jpg

  • Treasures: Mini Medal, Zombie Mail, Seed of Lifestyles.

Dqxi md 10.jpg

  • Treasures: Sage’s Elixir, Secrets and techniques of the Silversmiths (recipe guide).

Dqxi md 14.jpg

  • Treasures: Thunderball, Uniforme de L’Academie, Seed of Ability, Mini Medal.

Dqxi md 11.jpg

Dqxi md 12.jpg

Sail to the sunshine pillar off to the east of Insula Borealis and use Lorelei’s Harp there to achieve this island.

Dqxi md 13.jpg

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