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EA opens 'multi-million dollar' esports broadcast studio

U.S. publisher EA has cut the ribbon on an in-house esports studio that’s been dubbed the ‘EA Broadcast Center.’

As reported by VentureBeat, the new studio represents a “multi-million dollar” investment in the burgeoning esports industry, and highlights the long-term appeal of competitive gaming. 

The studio itself is comprised of two parts: a stage complete with audience seating and a laid-back players lounge, which has been designed to mimic a New York loft. The entire development has more than 60 screens and monitors, 200 light fittings, multiple spectator cameras, directional microphones, and a fully-equipped control room that can handle digital and television broadcasts. 

“The broadcast center and studio has a focus on running competitions, but it also will have all of the other show content, like analyst shows, lifestyle profiles — the things you see around traditional sports,” said EA’s senior vice president of competitive gaming, Todd Sitrin.

“We knew for us to be a leader in competitive gaming, we needed to increase both the quantity and quality of content we were producing. This is a monumental moment. It furthers our commitment to competitive gaming for years to come.”

The studio will officially open its doors later today when it plays host to the Madden NFL 19 Challenge, the longest running esports competition in the Madden NFL 19 Championship Series.

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