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Epic Games Store alters refund policy to match Steam

The Epic Games Store has altered its refund policy so users can return games they’ve played for less than two hours within 14 days of purchase. 

It’s a change that means the fledgling marketplace, which only launched in December last year, now offers exactly the same refund options as competitor Steam. 

Epic’s director of publishing strategy Sergey Galyonkin (who some of you might know as Steam Spy) announced the policy change on Twitter, explaining users seeking a refund will have to apply through player support while the team works on a self-service solution. 

He also revealed the storefront now supports regional prices for 30 different countries, with more due to be added in the future. 

The Epic Games Store has been making waves since being unveiled last year, and has been praised by games developers for offering a universal 88 percent revenue share.

Although it only featured a handful of titles at launch, more have been added in the weeks since, and Epic claimed a big scalp last week then Ubisoft revealed it would only be launching the PC version of The Division 2 on Uplay and the Epic Store — making it one of the first big-name releases to skip Steam in favor of the nascent marketplace.

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