FFXIV's Crossover With Final Fantasy 11 Is Out Now

The worlds of Ultimate Myth XIV and Ultimate Myth XI are coming in combination these days for “The Maiden’s Rhapsody: Recollections of an Unseen Realm” collaboration match. Ultimate Myth XIV avid gamers can test it out now till June 22.

The development has avid gamers support Harbor Usher in reporter Remumu keep secure whilst investigating a tale. Collaborating avid gamers gets to liberate the Amatsu set at the beginning worn via Iroha, a personality from Ultimate Myth XI. The unique armor set contains an Amatsu hachigane, yogi, yekko, haidate, and sune-ate.

The Amatsu armor set
The Amatsu armor set

Avid gamers within the match wish to commute to the Limsa Lominsa Higher Decks and get in touch with Remumu as a way to get started the ‘A Adventure to Bear in mind’ quest.

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