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Fortnite map guide: the best landing spots and loot locations

Choose the right landing spot on the ever-changing Fortnite map and your inventory will soon be bursting with weapons and ammo. Drop into the wrong location, however, and you’ll be a fish out of water, running around aimlessly with nothing but a useless pickaxe until another player puts you out of your misery. Our guide to the best landing spots on Fortnite’s map will make sure the latter doesn’t become habitual. 

Season 7 adds a massive new snow biome, with several new POIs, so there’s a lot of new stuff to see and explore. Tragically, it means saying goodbye a few classic landing spots, too. 

Most of the spots featured here are away from the major, named locations, mainly because you already know what you’re getting if you go there: lots of loot and lots of enemies. They’re perfect for practicing with the game’s guns, but not so good if you want to consistently reach the latter stages of a round.

New and improved locations in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite’s map has been an ever-changing landscape throughout 2018, thanks to Epic Games constantly updating the location in fun ways. But throughout multiple transformations, some areas on the map have remained the same.

With the advent of Season 7, things have gotten pretty nutty with Fortnite’s island. The entire southwest corner of the map has been changed to an icy biome, complete with new points of interest and alterations to old ones.

Frosty Flights

Taking over the shoreline south of Snobby Shores is this new POI, which is a mini airport that looks like it was taken right out of some place in Siberia. Frosty Flights features airplane hangars, a runway to take off in one of the new planes on, air traffic control towers, and lots of loot.

The POI also features some ziplines, which are a new feature in the new season. The ziplines will grab onto you with a magnet, freeing your hands and allowing you to shoot while ziplining. You can imagine the crazy video clips that will come out of this one.

Happy Hamlet

The most adorable addition to the map is this tiny wintry town, featuring lots of buildings to explore. The tower in the middle of the POI will undoubtedly be a popular landing spot, but there are lots of chests and other loot to find scattered throughout all of the structures. 

Polar Peak

Season 7’s third new POI is its least useful for loot, but it’s still a pretty cool area. Polar Peak features some towers with loot inside, as well as a great view of the new snowy biome. The surrounding areas of Polar Peak have some cool places to visit as well. 

The ice rink formerly known as Greasy Grove 

RIP to Greasy Grove. F’s in the chat. A former favorite landing spot is now under ice, and all that’s left is the rooftops of a few buildings. You can break down the rooftops and enter in some of them for some leftover loot, but the area is completely frozen over otherwise. 

Walking over the ice and other areas within the unnamed POI will send you slipping and sliding, so be careful.

Zipline City 

This unnamed area shall henceforth be known as Zipline City. Placed a little bit northeast of Polar Peak and southwest of Icy (Greasy) Grove, this open area features a ton of ziplines for players to zip around and shoot at each other in. This place looks like a ton of fun. 

Basic tips and the best landing spots

Fortnite for first-timers

We’ll jump into specific locations soon, but first, here’s five tips to think about on your descent, no matter where you’re aiming. And if you’re after tips for the game more generally, here’s a good list.

1. Catch people unaware as they leave major locations

If ten people land on a town, then one person will make it out alive with all the best loot. One advantage to dropping away from those locations is that you can gear up and then swing back around, catching those victors unaware when they think everyone is dead. If you can get a clean shot at somebody without them knowing where you are then you’ll have the upper hand, no matter how good their weapons are. And if you kill them, the spoils are all yours.

2. Drop late if you want peace and quiet

Most players will impatiently drop earlier in the Battle Bus’s journey because they don’t fancy waiting around. Use that knowledge to your advantage. If you’re after action, drop early. If you want a slow and steady game, leave it late.

3. Go the distance

The further the drop location you’ve picked is away from the path of the bus, the less resistance you’ll meet when you land. So, if the bus is hanging left on the map, the named locations on the right will be less busy. Pull your parachute early to travel further (the map is small enough that you can reach pretty much any location).

4. If you’re playing solo, head for more secluded spots

If you’re alone, you can get away with heading for smaller drop spots. A chest or two will give you enough gear to get your started, but trying to spread that across a duo or a four-man squad is difficult. So, if you’re playing with friends, aim for larger locations than you’re used to.

5. Keep your eyes on the sky

This is the most important thing to remember when you drop. You need to be aware of both where you’re aiming and where other players are dropping around you. Turn around in the air and look for parachutes, making a mental note of where others have landed. The more information you have, the better shape you’ll be in for the ensuing fight.

Without further ado, here are 12 drop locations that will set you up nicely for a Victory Royale.

Salty Springs and Pleasant Park 

These old faithful locations haven’t changed much in the year-plus that Battle Royale has been around, and that’s saying a lot. Two of the original thirteen named POI’s have stuck around through thick and thin and they’re still popular landing spots due to their early engagements and amount of loot.

They’re interesting now more than ever, though, because of their age. Players might not think of landing here as much anymore when faced with an all new biome and crazy POI’s like Tilted Towers. See if you can fly under the radar here. Their centralized locations will allow you to rotate just about anywhere on the map.

Loot Lake

The new and improved Loot Lake is a godsend compared to the desolate pond it used to be. After Kevin the Cube terraformed the lake and changed its landscape entirely, it is now filled with chests and floor loot spawns. Plus, if you land here, you’re pretty much in the middle of the map and can rotate fast to wherever you have to head next. 

The abandoned town southwest of Paradise Palms

For an unnamed location, this might be the most consistently loot-dense areas in all of Fortnite. Paradise Palms pulls most of the try-hards, leaving this town fairly empty. Hit the western edge first and check the second story of each house for ground loot and chests. Work your way through the town, keeping an ear out for footsteps, and you’ll likely find six or so chests by the time you need to rotate out of there.

Depending on the storm circle you get, rotating naturally along the road cutting through the desert area is a good plan. You’ll have some nice views into Paradise Palms, and with all that loot from earlier, cleaning up the leftover players is usually a cinch. If the storm circle is further away than you thought, look around for a rift or golf cart and get the hell out of there. 

Compound north east of Flush Factory  

Drop directly on the southeast corner of the compound, marked by a tall chimney that sometimes has a chest on top. If you grab that, you’ll be the first to have a weapon, so make sure you know where any nearby enemies are to take them out.

From there, loot the large building that the chimney is coming from, looking inside the metal containers and upstairs for chests (you can find two if you get a good dice roll). Listen for footsteps because it’s an active spot. The trucks and containers out in the open between the buildings usually house a few more chests, while the buildings normally have one each.

Season 4 added a new warehouse club to the area. It makes for a decent landing spot to get any chests up in the rafters, but the music drowns out the noise of other players, so be careful. It’s a bit dim, so they could be hiding anywhere. If not, be sure to get a quick dance in. 

Another angle of the area with the dance club barely in sight beneath the yellow button.  

If you can come out on top, you’ll be all set up for the long haul. This is a good place to go in duos or squads if you want to avoid the named locations.

The large tree to the northwest of the Wailing Woods 

You’re pretty much guaranteed a chest or two and a good spot on the map here, but I’d only recommend this spot if you’re playing solo. Aim for the large tree, and while you’re dropping take a peek at the high ground to the south. You’ll usually see a weapon on the ground. Grab it, and head for the trunk. The tree can spawn two chests if you’re lucky, and you’re bound to be the only one there.

Now you’ve got a few options. If you head for Tomato Temple you’ll arrive on some high ground overlooking the bulk of the buildings, so you’ve got the advantage on any stragglers. You can head directly northeast to the two nearby houses, one of which has a basement.  

The tower at the far northeast of the map 

This one’s an old favorite that still warrants a look in after the map updates. Tucked in the far northeast corner of the map is a tower that can spawn three chests (and I swear I’ve seen four here in the past), and just to the west is an ice cream truck that can spawn a further two. The first chest location is right at the top of the tower, so land on the roof if you see a glow of yellow through the wood. 

However, there’s sometimes one on the exposed west side of the tower (you can see it in the picture below). If you see it, feel free to grab it so you have some loot guaranteed. This used to be a popular spot, but I rarely face any enemies here following the Season 3 update and into Season 4, unless the bus is passing right overhead.

When you’re done, head towards Risky Reels or Lazy Links to see if you can vulture some weak players or find any leftover loot before moving to the safe zone. 

The mountain to the north of Salty Springs 

This isn’t the best looting spot, but you’re guaranteed a fun fight as well as a strong position bang in the center of the map.

Basically, it’s a multi-stepped mountain that usually has two or three chests hidden away, one of which is at its highest point. Make sure you get to the peak before anyone else that’s had the same idea. 

Remember when Dusty was a young crater?

If you can, get a look at the hill from all angles before you land to locate all the chests, then track them down. You’ll likely have company, but with some quick thinking you’ll come away with the best weapons. When you’re done, head for Salty Springs. Dusty Divot is a possibility too, but especially now that it’s filled in with trees. Just be wary of anyone hiding among them. 

The houses west of Shifty Shafts 

Dropping at Shifty Shafts is not the worst idea. It’s busy, but I’ve found it to be less busy than a lot of other named locations. Plus, it’s a bit of a labyrinth, so you can normally limit your firefights to 1v1 battles. The best thing to do is look for weapons as you’re gliding in, and head for the best one.

However, I think that starting at the houses to the west of the main mine shafts is the best option. The two buildings will normally yield one or two chests, plus weapons and ammo. That puts you in a decent position to sneak up on Shifty Shafts. By the time you get there, the gunfights will largely be over, and the victors will be in looting mode, so you can catch them unawares.

Also, many people still don’t know the chest locations at Shifty Shafts, so even if it was busy you can nab one or two chests. Stay above ground and keep your ears pricked. 

On top of the western mountains 

The houses south of Snobby Shores 

Again, another risky one that I’d only recommend solo, but it’s useful if you’re planning to drop in Snobby Shores and change your mind because you see too many enemies. The two houses will yield at least two chests—don’t miss out on the basement underneath the southern one.

If you have good enough gear you can head north and ambush anyone trying to escape Snobby Shores. Or, if you’re feeling less confident, head south along the coast. You’ll come across a clearing that more often than not will have a chest out in the open: it’s the brown patch northwest of Greasy Grove on the map.

Tilted Towers is undoubtedly a fun spot to drop, but it can be a little hectic. A good alternative is to head a little further west, where you’ll come across a cluster of buildings, one of which hides an indoor football (or soccer, if you’re so inclined) field. 

That field is a good place to start: there are guns on the pitch, and a chance of chests at either end of the arena. From there, make your way to the building to the west, which often contains loot chests.

If you’re all geared up then you can chance your arm back at Tilted Towers and hope that most people have left (and left some chests behind). If you want to keep a low profile, head directly northeast to Loot Lake.

Well, there you have it. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should get you started. Where’s your favourite place to drop?

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