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Games4EU outlines the good and (mostly) bad of potential Brexit deal

“This isn’t a ‘deal’ nor the end point of Brexit – it’s actually the true start.”

– Games4EU’s read of the Brexit deal finds the agreement lacking for game devs

Games4EU has put together a breakdown of the Brexit deal the UK government is set to vote on this month, outlining why the organization says the plan is a raw deal for game developers in the United Kingdom.

It’s a good resource for devs that have yet to catch up on the latest Brexit development as the breakdown dives into the specific changes of the deal that would affect game devs in the UK and EU should the plan be approved.

That includes topics mentioned in the withdrawal agreement like citizens’ rights, governance agreements, and border agreements along with topics from the political declaration like data protection, UK involvement in EU programs, the movement of goods and services, mobility and access to talent, and other topics missing from the declaration entirely.   

“The withdrawal agreement is highly dense (at 585 pages) but fundamentally it deals with relatively basic departure issues, not the practical matters for ongoing business and consumer life we really need to know. By contrast the political declaration is much shorter, but full of waffle and jargon, sometimes for paragraphs at a time,” argues Games4EU. “This makes it really difficult to know what it actually means or could be used in practice (which was precisely the UK government’s intention, to give it the greatest room for maneuver in the future) – but this also means it robs business and consumers of any certainty.”

Games4EU itself is an anti-Brexit, pro-European Union organization that advocates for the United Kingdom’s game industry. The group recently published an open letter with signatures from 1,300 individuals and 127 companies involved with game development as well asking the UK government to put any exit plan to a public vote.

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