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Here's What New Switch Model's Box Art Looks Like

If you’re looking to buy a Switch now or in the future, make sure you keep an eye out for a new box art, since it means a major difference in the quality of the product you get.

Along with the Switch Lite, Nintendo announced last month the regular Switch would be getting a model update, the most important feature of which is a significant improvement on battery life (from 2.5-6.5 hours depending on the game to 4.5 to 9 hours). There’s no price difference between the two models, by the way – this is console refresh, so there’s no reason to buy the older model at this point.

So if you’re shopping around for a Switch right now, make note of the new box art above. That’s the one you want to get. It’s much more red than the original box art, below. If you’re being extra-careful, make sure the model number on the box says “HAC-001(-01).”

You might just be looking to get a new Switch anyway if your console is suffering from Joy-Con drift, but before you get rid of your old console, be aware Nintendo will swap your old controllers out for new ones free of charge.

[Source: Wario64 on Twitter]

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