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Ice-T voices a character in Borderlands 3

Everyone’s favorite Twitter personality—and also musician, rapper, producer, actor, and more—Ice-T voices an AI character named Balex in Borderlands 3. Last week, I had a chance to play through part of the mission he appears in, and I’ve cut together some of his lines in the video above (spoilers, obviously).

Balex is a ship’s navigation AI who was booted out of his downed craft by the combat AI after she stuffed him into a teddy bear. He helps guide the vault hunter through the ship, called the Family Jewel, in search of a vault key fragment.

It’s a familiar character. The ‘AI trapped in an unlikely body thing’ has been done plenty, and his breezy-but-insecure attitude is easily recognizable, but it’s fun having Ice-T in your ear for a bit. He insists he’s more than just a navigation AI, and then reprimands himself whenever he navigates. 

Borderlands 3 is out on September 13. Head here for my preview of the game, and here for gifs of some of my favorite guns from the demo.

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