In SNL cold open, world leaders gossip about Trump like schoolchildren in the NATO cafeteria

In the skit, Trudeau, played by Jimmy Fallon, and French President Emmanuel Macron, played by Paul Rudd, were the two school bad boys. They sauntered into a mock NATO cafeteria with macho guitar music playing behind them and two female delegates from Denmark and Norway swooning in the corner. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, played by James Corden, joined them at a lunch table.

A moment later, Alec Baldwin’s Trump awkwardly appeared in the room, a stack of hamburgers on his lunch tray, and the three mock European leaders made fun of him behind his back.

“Did you see him speak for 45 minutes the other day?” Rudd’s Macron asked in an over-the-top imitation French accent. “It was just supposed to be for a photo.”

“Well if I looked like him I’d try to distract the photographer, too,” Fallon’s Trudeau jabbed.

“He’s not good looking like us three,” the rumbled fake Johnson laughed.

The exchange was an exaggeration of the real-life video captured at the reception at Buckingham Palace last week, which appeared to show Trudeau, Macron, Johnson and others laughing about Trump’s freewheeling news conferences earlier in the day. “I just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor,” Trudeau told the other leaders, dropping his hand down from his chin in the retelling.

As the video spread on social media, Trump abruptly canceled a planned news conference and called Trudeau “two-faced.”

In SNL’s scene, Baldwin’s Trump sheepishly asked the trio if the last seat at their table was taken. They told him it was.

“We’d love to see you talk and chew at the same time, but we promised this seat to a friend,” Rudd’s Macron said.

“Well, I’m Boris’s friend, right Boris?” the fake president asked.

“Don’t make this harder than it already is. I’m hanging out with these guys now,” Corden’s Johnson responded, avoiding eye contact.

They suggested he instead sit with the Latvian leader, a doofy, bespectacled man alone at another table.

“Oh my god, that guy’s a mess,” Fallon’s Trudeau said as the fake president walked away. “He’s dumber than Boris.”

Realizing he was sitting at the “loser table,” Baldwin’s Trump asked again to join the fake European leaders. They responded that the seat was for German Chancellor Angela Merkel, played by Kate McKinnon, who then joined the group.

The four characters continued to poke fun at the mock Trump’s expense. At one point, Johnson lured Trump over to the table and taped a sign to his back reading, “IMPEACH ME!!!”

“Those guys don’t really like you, they’re mean,” the fake Latvian leader said to the fake Trump, who refused to believe he wasn’t part of the club.

At the end of the skit, the scene abruptly froze and the stage went dark. A Melania Trump character, played by Cecily Strong, emerged to give a public service announcement that ridiculed both the real first lady’s anti-bullying Be Best campaign and the recent Christmas ad by the stationary bike company Peloton that has spawned an entire genre of social media jokes.

“Bullying is a serious problem,” Strong’s first lady said, “especially against President Trump.”

“Are you a scared woman trapped inside a mansion?” she asked. “Why not imagine biking away from it all on Peloton?”

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