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iPhone 2020: The rumors so far

Take these with plenty of salt, but silly season has returned and tongues seem to be turning on what to expect from the 2020 iPhone. Here’s some of the more credible claims:

Apple to ship a 5G iPhone

Apple is expected to introduce support for 5G in the iPhone in 2020.

The modem will likely be manufactured by Qualcomm and the introduction will likely spur innovation in 5G application development and services. 5G networks are being deployed globally at time of writing, though this is not without problems. 

Apple will likely move to introduce its own home made modem at some future point.

iPhone will boast 5nm chip

TSMC has said it is spending more to ramp up its 7nm chip production capacity and will also be building up 5-nanometer production for 2020.

Will these 5nm chips be for iPhones?

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