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Jamie Lee Curtis discusses past opioid addiction

The actress, who recently stars in “Halloween,” informed Other people she first was hooked on ache killers in 1989 and concealed it for ten years.

“I used to be forward of the curve of the opiate epidemic,” Curtis mentioned. “I had a 10-year run, stealing, conniving. Nobody knew. Nobody.”

This isn’t the primary time that Curtis has unfolded about her dependancy. In 2001, Curtis informed CNN, “I do not know if any folks can in point of fact give an explanation for what dependancy is precisely, as a result of I believe it adjustments with every person. I believe what we will discuss, is in point of fact that there is hope to get better from it.”

Curtis, the daughter of actor Tony Curtis, who additionally battled substance abuse, mentioned she hopes her sobriety influences long run generations of her circle of relatives.

“I am breaking the cycle that has mainly destroyed the lives of generations in my circle of relatives,” she mentioned in her interview with Other people. “Getting sober stays my unmarried biggest accomplishment… larger than my husband, larger than either one of my kids and larger than any paintings, good fortune, failure. The rest.”

Curtis mentioned she nonetheless attends restoration conferences and does her easiest to pay it ahead.

“In restoration conferences, somebody who brings up opiates, all of the room will flip and take a look at me, as a result of I will be like, ‘Oh right here, communicate to me. I am the opiate lady.'”

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