Marvel's Hawkeye Will Launch With a Two-Episode Premiere

Hawkeye will make its Disney+ debut on November 24, and we now know that we'll be getting two episodes of the show that day.

Announced by Disney today, the six-episode season will begin with two episodes on November 24, with an episode a week following that. Befitting the show's Christmas theme, that means it will draw to a close on December 22.

Alongside the news, we got a short new look at the series, showing off a little more of the Captain America musical, trick arrows, and LARPing we saw in the show's reveal trailer.

The show is a set in post-Blip New York City, in which Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye is aiming to get home in time for Christmas, but is waylaid when "a threat from his past shows up". That leads him to team up with Hawkeye's biggest fan, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) to put a stop to their criminal enterprise. Also, along the way, we'll be meeting Lucky the Pizza Dog, which is superb news.


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