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Michel Platini Is Detained in France Over Qatar World Cup Vote

“I am no longer in your picture because I have been told by the head of state that we should consider the situation of France,” Blatter recalled Platini telling him. The plan had been to vote for Russia and the United States, Blatter said.

Platini has always denied that he was swayed by Sarkozy, whose former chief of staff, Claude Guéant, was also detained for questioning on Tuesday. This month, in an interview with The New York Times, Platini reiterated that the decision to pick Qatar had been his alone.

In the interview, Platini said of the lunch that he had been expecting to have a private meeting with Sarkozy and that he had been surprised when he found the Qataris had also been invited. “I came to tell him face to face that I will choose Qatar and Russia,” Platini said, adding that he immediately contacted Blatter to tell him what had happened. FIFA’s rules, Platini said, meant meetings with bidding nations had to be cleared beforehand.

“After, I called Blatter to tell him I am in big trouble because I have lunch, I didn’t know there were the Qataris at the lunch with Sarkozy,” he added. The French authorities previously questioned Platini in December 2017.

Platini has said he was considering voting for the United States to host the World Cup. But he ultimately backed Qatar, even though billions of dollars of infrastructure would be needed to allow the Middle Eastern nation to host the event. FIFA’s own inspectors had deemed that the summer temperatures there would be dangerous.

But Platini said he picked Qatar to give the Arab world a chance to host soccer’s showpiece for the first time, after previous bids from Morocco and Egypt had failed.

“It’s seven times the Arabs have lost the World Cup,” he said.

After the vote, FIFA decided to upend a soccer calendar that had been in place since 1930, switching the dates of the World Cup in 2022 to winter, avoiding the sweltering summer temperatures in the Middle East but causing mayhem for European soccer leagues, which will have three seasons disrupted because of the change.

Qatar’s bid team faced accusations of wrongdoing before and after the decision to grant the country the World Cup was taken. The country’s leaders have consistently denied acting improperly and regularly point to a two-year FIFA investigation that failed to find evidence that it had cheated.

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