NBC news correspondent Julia Ainsley has her game face on. For a second. Then the unforgiving medium of live TV clues us in that she’s about to barf. 

As the other guests talk about President Donald Trump, Ainsley is taking deep breaths and gagging. She waves her hands, either to get the producers’ attention or to fan herself. She makes one yawning lurch to go off camera, pulls back and then – yep – it’s definitely coming up, before she makes a full exit.

The other guests are oblivious to what Ainsley revealed in a tweet Tuesday was morning sickness.

It’s not funny. OK, it’s a little funny. Mostly because it’s so familiar to expectant moms who have also experienced workplace morning sickness.

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Most usually don’t have to experience it on live TV. Ainsley turned the awkward moment into a pregnancy announcement, writing on Twitter, “As mentioned on @Morning_Joe today, here’s the time Baby Girl Ainsley made herself known to the world by causing a little morning sickness on national television. Coming January 2020!”

According to her Twitter account, Ainsley is an NBC correspondent who covers the departments of Justice and Homeland Security, 

The video of her waiting to discuss Robert Mueller’s surprise news conference when she was struck by morning sickness is a few months old, but Ainsley tweeted it Tuesday after discussing her pregnancy on “Morning Joe” with hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

“I had to run down the street and got sick in the bushes outside the Justice Department,” Ainsley recalled.  

Brzezinski, Ainsley said, knew what ailed her. “I immediately, when I came back to my phone, had a text from you that said, ‘Are you pregnant?’ And I said ‘Yes, but my parents don’t even know yet.’ Mika knew. And I’m expecting a baby girl in January,”


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