One player's quest to become the heaviest character in Scum

Early Get right of entry to survival sport Scum has a sexy intricate metabolism machine. In case your persona is malnourished from no longer consuming sufficient, they will lose muscle groups and energy over the years. Conversely, in the event that they devour so much, they will placed on weight. One participant is taking that to new heights—and widths—by way of aiming to turn out to be the heaviest persona in Scum. What is the wonderful secret to weight achieve?

“Basically what I do is lay at the flooring and devour fats.”

That is what the participant, who requested to be referred to as Tojimaru, advised me in a message on Reddit. Tojimaru has been taking part in roughly 8 hours of Scum on a daily basis for the reason that survival sport introduced into Early Get right of entry to closing week, and it seems like maximum of that point has been spent consuming.

“I’m going to devour fats till my abdomen is just about 100 % complete,” Tojimaru says, “and when it drops a little bit then I’m going to devour some extra.”

The fats Tojimaru eats is most commonly from zombies, which cannot best be killed in Scum however chopped up for portions: human steak, bones, guts, and slabs of fats. Having discovered a pistol and rifle, Tojimaru will now and again additionally hunt deer or boar, however it is most often zombie fats that is being fed on.

“I’m going to poop and pee every time it’s important. When I am poor in Nutrition D, there’s a great patch of Psilocybe Cyanescens [mushrooms] that I discuss with every now and then and that may stay the ones numbers up for some time.”

A screenshot in one in all Tojimaru’s Reddit posts presentations a sofa coated with steaks and rows of fats coated up in entrance of it, and an astounding 132,737 energy fed on to that time within the persona’s existence displayed at the metabolism menu. The nature’s weight at the moment was once 160kg, which has since grown to 183.

There could also be some laborious limits at the proportion of frame fats a personality may have, even whilst gaining weight. “I will not appear to get my garage fats to move past 43kg,”Tojimaru says. “It’ll range between 39 and 43. Then again, my weight has at all times been continuously expanding. Slowly however certainly. I began I consider someplace round 125~~ and thus far am as much as 188kg.”

In conjunction with fats and mushrooms, Tojimaru has experimented with consuming such things as butter and vegetable oil, which seem so as to add energy at the metabolism meter a lot more temporarily than consuming fats does. It does not appear to make the nature achieve weight at a better fee, on the other hand.

“After that,” Tojimaru says, “I have not stricken to continuously search for the ones issues and simply caught to just right ol’ fats.” Bon appétit.

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