Ooblets to self-publish after Double Fine joins Microsoft

Ooblets was previously one of the games being published under the Double Fine Presents label, but the game’s developer duo has announced they’ll be self-publishing following Microsoft’s acquisition of Double Fine.

News that Double Fine had joined up with Xbox Game Studios was one of the early announcements to come out of E3 2019, and the news that Microsoft also picked up the publishing rights for Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2 from Starbreeze followed shortly after.

The future of Double Fine Presents and the games currently set to be published by the label weren’t mentioned in the wake of that acquisition however. We’ve reached out to Double Fine for more information on the role Presents will play in the company moving forward.

Some of the developers behind yet-unreleased Double Fine Presents games have mentioned their plans on Twitter. In a series of tweets sent out this week, the Ooblets dev team wished Double Fine luck and said they’d be self-publishing Ooblets moving forward (with help from Popagenda if need be). Meanwhile, the developer of the upcoming Double Fine Presents-published game Knights And Bikes said in a tweet that there was “no change” on its end.


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