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Interactive Black Mirror Episode Hits Netflix Today

Black Mirror is a show about the dark side of technology, so it only makes sense that it has put video games in the spotlight a few times (including one episode that is practically overflowing with gaming Easter eggs). But the latest installment, entitled Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, brings the show closer to …

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HMV: The rise and fall of a music icon

Image copyright PA Image caption The HMV Store opening luncheon in July 1921 with Sir Edward Elgar (sixth from left) It was on 20 July 1921 that British composer Sir Edward Elgar opened the doors of a new shop at 363 Oxford Street, named “His Master’s Voice”. But the history …

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NASA May Use a 'Tunnelbot' to Search for Life on Jupiter's Moon

Share. Can Doctor Who assist with this? By Jessie Wade Scientists have proposed a way to retrieve samples from Jupiter’s icy moon, Europa, which is believed to contain a liquid ocean underneath that could hold microbial life. Andrew Dombard, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences at the University of …

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