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How human curation came back to clean up AI’s messes

This article is part of Fast Company’s editorial series The New Rules of AI. More than 60 years into the era of artificial intelligence, the world’s largest technology companies are just beginning to crack open what’s possible with AI—and grapple with how it might change our future. Click here to …

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Move On Up to 8K Gaming and Media with These TVs

While 4K TVs are just starting to become fully mainstream, TV manufacturers aren’t resting on their laurels. The first 8K consumer TVs are already here and with Sony and Microsoft both touting 8K output on their upcoming consoles (whatever that means for actual games), folks are already abuzz about what …

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Huawei urges Australia to embrace better Chinese products

Huawei Australia chairman John Lord has warned that Australia risks losing out on huge technology opportunities that are coming out of Asia, especially China, if the country does not embrace the technology boom that is happening there. “The Asia Pacific region is now capable of producing technologies as good as …

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