Privilege, power, patriarchy: are these the reasons for the mess we're in?

Adjustments can get up out of this uneasy pause on the planet at this time, however if it is bent against higher authority or higher equality is up for grabs

  • This is a part of a chain of essays through Australian writers responding to the demanding situations of 2020

I will’t put my finger on precisely after I first discovered I’m no longer in regulate. My walk in the park broke regularly: the primary crack when my frame went inflexible with a seizure and I convulsed violently into nothingness on a red-eye flight to Beirut; every other splintering when the medical doctors discovered a “mass” in my mind that afternoon; the edifice slightly retaining as my spouse and I clung to one another all night time in a thin medical institution mattress, looking forward to a analysis of existence or demise.

Even then, because the solar rose the next morning and tears streamed down my face, the phobia was once surprisingly numinous, nearly exciting. This might be an aberration, a tale to boost a cocktail party. My lifelong sense of walk in the park – a deeply habituated want for order and regulate – was once fractured, however nonetheless intact.

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