PS5 Gets A Very Small Console Redesign, But Don't Get Too Excited

After a number of months in the marketplace, the PlayStation five is in any case about to get just a little bit slimmer. A brand new type revision of the PS5 Virtual Version has been showed in a brand new protection information consumer handbook at the professional Eastern PlayStation website–as reported by means of PlayStation Universe–which sees the console shave 300 grams / 10 oz off of its overall weight for a extra next-gen mass of three.6 kg / eight lbs.

To position that into viewpoint, that is the an identical of 120 pennies, an excessively obese grownup hamster, or a mean human center. Does that come with the blood? We do not know, we aren’t docs.

The revised type of the PS5 may also function a brand new screw that may be inserted by means of hand and is probably backwards suitable with different threaded holes that make the most of bleeding-edge lefty-loosey righty-tighty mechanics.

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