Rare Gameboy Advance Prototype Pops Up During Auction

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Auctions are treasure troves for one of the crucial coolest pieces discovered from gaming previous and the most recent loot to drop is a nifty blast from the previous Sport Boy Advance prototype machine. 

The Sport Boy Advance started its adventure into our hearts again in 2001 following the cherished Sport Boy Colour. This hand held featured peripherals that had been forward of its time, funky recent (I stated it) colour alternatives, and a comfy design. Whilst the Advance made it onto cabinets again in 2001, the yr prior was once rife with concepts and pleasure for this release, together with a distinct model of the Advance proven off all through the 200 Nintendo Spaceworld tournament. 

This model of the GBA showcases a special colour palette for the machine itself along with differing start-up sounds for when the hand held activates. 

Nintendo Spaceworld 2000 Prototype Symbol

Whilst the general product ended up being other from what we noticed all through the exhibit, the prototypes did exist at one time. Sadly, they perceived to disappear from all truth when the general model introduced to the arena. No less than till one popped up all through a up to date public sale. 

A contemporary public sale held by way of Yahoo Japan had a plethora of nostaligic gaming memorabilia for lovers to take a look at, amongst them being the Spaceworld prototype of the preferred Sport Boy Advance. Much more wild is that the consumer bought this piece of gaming historical past for $700. That can sound like  lot, however for this? This value can have skyrocketed into the hundreds. 

Appparently, we want to be going to extra auctions. 

[Supply: Hard4Games by the use of GameRant]

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