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Report: Unity is looking to go public in 2020

Unity Technologies is planning to go public with an IPO during the first half of 2020, so long as market conditions are favorable, the news network Cheddar reports. 

This is notable for developers who currently use the engine, as it could affect how Unity operates depending on what corporations or businesses buy stocks in the company.

However, this is all speculation as of right now. 

BTIG analyst Brandon Ross told Cheddar that Unity’s IPO will provide investors a chance to participate in the overall growth of the games industry without having to choose a winner among various publishers.

He added that investor knowledge around game engines like Unity has risen over the past several months due to the success of Epic Games’ Fortnite, which was developed using the Unreal engine. 

“We believe they have strategic value to some of the tech companies that might be looking to get deeper into games.”

A Unity spokesperson told Cheddar it doesn’t comment on IPO rumors or speculation.

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