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Steam developers can start uploading assets for new library layout

Steam might be a few weeks away from trialing its new Steam Library layout, which will employ a more visual style to help users easily spot new content and communications from developers, but devs can start uploading and previewing their new assets today. 

A post on the Steam blog explains the thinking behind the new layout, and serves up a number of library asset templates that developers can use to ensure their game page is looking fresh when the public beta begins in a couple of weeks. 

As part of the changes being ushered in, Steam will let developers add bold hero banners and logos to their product pages, while the library home page will feature new capsules (as shown below). 

Those keen to make the most of the tweaks should check out the Steam blog, which covers everything from image sizing and orientation to logo placement. Anyone who doesn’t update their branding assets will find themselves at the mercy of Steam’s ‘fallback treatment.’

“Steam will create a fallback treatment for both the capsule and header treatment, but adding your branding assets is the best way to showcase your products in your customer’s Steam libraries,” reads the blog. “This treatment will apply to all products on Steam, so we encourage you to back-fill older products so they look their best.”

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