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The Best All-in-One Arcade Game Cabinets for Your Home


1,000s of games, just one machine.

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Last Updated: April 2018

If you’ve invested any time in setting up a gaming room in your house, you probably have went to great lengths to arrange your classic consoles. You may have adorned the walls with lots of cool game art. You may have even found the perfect furniture to accent your gaming lair. But without at least one arcade cabinet, that do-it-yourself basement arcade is missing that special something. Luckily, you don’t have to spend your days scouring classified ads to pick up an old cabinet that just plays one game. Grab one of these machines and enjoy the world’s biggest game collection all in one convenient package.

Arcade Legends 3 with Golden Tee


Chicago Gaming has been manufacturing these Arcade Legends full-size cabinets for a number of years now. With a 24” LCD monitor and 165 games (including at least three versions of ubiquitous bar-favorite Golden Tee), this is a full-size, professional-grade arcade cabinet. The button and joystick setup is what you would expect to find on a commercial arcade machine. And very importantly, it’s even got a trackball for hitting those golf balls.

Namco Pac-Man’s Arcade Party


Hey, it’s a Pac-Man party and everyone’s invited! Except for Inky, get lost Inky. While most of the cabinets on this list are manufactured by third parties using emulators to install huge numbers of classic games, this Pac-Man machine is pretty unique. After all, it’s actually sold by the legendary Namco, and if you’re familiar with Namco’s popular Namco Museum collections for consoles, this is essentially the same concept but in a full-size arcade cabinet. The company has included 13 classic titles including Mrs. Pac Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, and more in well-made, eye-catching machine.


Suncoast Arcade Tabletop


If you’re short on floorspace, there’s always the option to stick a fully functioning arcade machine on the tabletop. This unit from Suncoast Arcade packs in 412 classic arcade games, including Donkey Kong, Galaga, and Ms. Pac-Man. The games are displayed on a 19” LCD screen and controls include a classic-style joystick and arcade buttons. Plus, the authentic Galaga design on the cabinet is pretty rad. Big things really do come in small packages.


Prime Arcades Cocktail Machine


Let’s face it: standing is for suckers. Back in the old days of arcades and bars that also had arcade machines in them, someone was like, “Hey what if we could set our drinks on an arcade machine and play at the same time?” And so, the magical cocktail arcade machine was born. This particular unit from Prime Arcades includes 60 classic games. And just to make sure you’re getting the most out of your newfound freedom from the tyranny of standing, it even includes the chrome stools.

Tiny Arcade Space Invaders


Big, expensive arcade cabinets just aren’t in everyone’s budget. Thankfully, this Tiny Arcade cabinet only costs $17. This Space Invaders machine is, as the name suggests, super tiny. Think keychain-size tiny. But amazingly, this little wonder actually plays the full and original Space Invaders on an even tinier screen. The controls work great, too. The tiny controls. And even better, there’s a tiny price.


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