The Bitcoin Bhavacakra

Artists Yonat Vaks, Chiefmonkey and mix Bitcoin and Bhuddism in The Bitcoin Bhavacakra.

collaboration through Yonat Vaks, Chiefmonkey and

Buddha and Satoshi’s Teachings: The way to Ascend From Fiat Samsara to Bitcoin Nirvana

Legend has it that the Bhavacakra, often referred to as the Wheel of Lifestyles, was once created through the Buddha himself. It depicts the adventure of the human soul throughout the trappings of the Samsara (cyclic life of lifestyles) till they can ascend to Nirvana.

In our interpretation we now have carried out the lessons of Satoshi and proven how people are trapped within the fiat Samsara and the way we would possibly get away, evolve and ascend as a species throughout the adoption of a bitcoin usual.

The Bhavacakra comes from the Buddhist faith, however since Bitcoin is all inclusive and this piece intends to include all its qualities on a number of other ranges, we now have incorporated symbols from different religions, cultures and instances in historical past, each classical and fashionable.

Our Bitcoin Bahvacakra is hand drawn, laser reduce then hand painted oak veneer with cowrie shell embellishes and Italian Smalti glass detailing. Inside the Samsara Wheel, there are 21 particular person artwork.

This paintings can be auctioned on on Friday, April nine, 2021.

The Meanings of Components

Beginning with the most obvious, we’ll give an explanation for the entire parts, their meanings and our interpretations:


Yama, the Lord of Loss of life, desperately grasps grasp of the Wheel of Lifestyles. He represents our worry.

Yama, then again, isn’t a determine to be feared because it’s a reminder of impermanence.

A reminder that, as a way to ascend to Nirvana, one will have to lose their ego thereby shedding their worry.

Buddha / Satoshi

The phrase “Buddha” manner “person who is conscious to fact” or “enlightened.” The unique Buddha didn’t declare to be a god or prophet however was once in truth born 2,500 years in the past right into a royal circle of relatives in a small kingdom at the Indian–Nepalese border. Surprised into the truth of his safe and privileged lifestyles, he sought to be told the which means of human life and gave the whole lot as much as practice the standard trail as a fact seeker.

We’ve depicted Satoshi right here as a humble particular person of the land. You are going to incessantly see Buddha pointing the way in which throughout to Nirvana, the liberation from the cycles of rebirth. In a similar way, we now have Satoshi pointing the way in which ahead for many who are in quest of to be freed from the fiat Samsara and need to embody the bitcoin usual.

The golden egg in the back of Satoshi is coloured the usage of 24-karat gold powder to turn recognize to the start of laborious sound cash. He additionally stands upon a cloud with a silver lining reminding us that there’s all the time hope.

White Moon Rabbit / 3 Rabbits

At the opposing cloud you’ll incessantly see numerous symbols that constitute Nirvana or the liberation from the six geographical regions. Historically, a white rabbit is incessantly utilized in Buddhist recreations of the Bhavacakra.

The rabbit sits in entrance of a gold moon additionally on a cloud with a silver lining.

The importance of rabbits and hares all over historical past are a rabbit hollow in themselves, it was once, subsequently, simplest apt that we come with them all over our piece.

The white rabbit, it kind of feels, has all the time been a non secular information.

The 5 Poisons

Positioned at the crown of Yama are the 5 poisons, the skulls, its primary weapon of worry, aka central banking. We’ve decided on 5 of the most important: the euro, the greenback, the pound, the yuan, and the central financial institution of central banks, the Financial institution of World Settlements (BIS).

The Hands

The palms are adorned with waves to constitute persistent exchange and impermanence.

The more than one rabbit holes to turn the continual finding out curve of Bitcoin, fact in quest of and lifestyles.

The Legs

The legs depict the transparency and internal workings of the blockchain, the vintage hexagon development representing the interconnected nodes, and the cogs representing the clockwork heartbeat of its commercial time-stamping mechanism.

The Rainbows

All through spirituality, rainbows have numerous meanings, as an example, hope, promise, just right good fortune, new beginnings, transition, equality, communique and peace. We use them right here to turn the trail out and in of lifestyles.

The Cowrie Shells

As a deferential nod again to the first actual type of foreign money, we incorporated cowrie shells within the bases of the darkish flames that gas the fiat central banks.

The FAANGs: Fb, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google

The easy remark this is the possible fatal chunk that those organizations constitute to humanity if they’re left unchecked. The repeated abuse of human rights, privateness and manipulation of selection is easily documented.

The Samsara Wheel of Lifestyles

The Samsara is made up of 4 layers.

The First Layer: The Middle

Historically on the heart of the samsara are the 3 poisons:

  • The Snake – Anger
  • The Pig – Lack of knowledge
  • The Hen – Attachment

Those 3 cyclic poisons are on the center of what assists in keeping human beings trapped and stops them from ascending to enlightenment.

Within the modern-day Bitcoin samsara, we follow issues another way:

  • Struggle – Anger
  • Tv – Lack of knowledge
  • Fiat Cash – Attachment

People are hooked up to cash since it’s the retailer and change of human worth.

Struggle is a multibillion-dollar trade and a controlling mechanism.

Folks’s lack of expertise is maintained thru distraction and propaganda.

You probably have now not noticed or learn Confessions of an Financial Hitman through John Perkins make it a concern.

Our democratic procedure promotes the perception that we are living in a unfastened international and but this couldn’t be farther from the reality. It truly doesn’t topic who you vote for, the status quo all the time will get in.

We are living in a corporatocracy and we’re heading for a technocracy.

So, from the everlasting cycle of lack of expertise, anger and attachment we transfer outward to the second one layer.

The 2d Layer: The Fourth Turning

Within the unique Buddhist Bhavacakra, the second one wheel represents karma. Karma is a Sanskrit time period that implies “motion” or “doing.” It’s the motion pushed through goal, which ends up in long run penalties and rebirth into the samsara, the repeating cycle of start, mundane life and dying. Historically, the primary circle is divided in two halves.

The sunshine part depicts non violent, fearless people ascending to the upper geographical regions, while the darker part displays people chained as slaves being pulled down through Yama (worry) to the decrease geographical regions.

We felt like taking a rather other manner giving acknowledgement that the certain and unfavorable influences of this cycle of worth don’t simply occur at a person degree however play out over generations too.

We, subsequently, merely couldn’t discover a higher supply for working out generational exchange than Neil Howe and William Strauss’ commentary of the Fourth Turning. Particularly, we had no higher Bitcoin connection with this than Brandon Quittem’s Rhythms of Historical past.

In abstract, the Fourth Turning is a theoretical fashion for spotting generational cycles globally. A complete human cycle is named a “saeculum” and lasts between 80–100 years and is made up of 4 generations. This cycle all the time leads to a climatic duration of chaos and normally warfare sooner than becoming a brand new duration of huge cultural exchange and renaissance.

Our present saeculum began after the 2d International Struggle, the 1946 Millennial Saeculum at a look:

  • First Turning – 1946-1964 – Child Boomers
    • Local weather: The American Prime – Rebirth/Spring
    • Persona: Prophet – principled, but narcissistic
  • 2d Turning – 1964-1984 – Gen X
    • Local weather: Awareness Revolution – Revolution/Summer time
    • Persona: Nomad – Sensible but unfeeling
  • 3rd Turning – 1984-2008 – Millennials
    • Local weather: Tradition Wars – Unraveling/Fall
    • Persona: Hero – Competent but unreflective
  • Fourth Turning – 2008-2030? – Gen Z
    • Local weather: Millennial Disaster – Disaster/Iciness
    • Persona: Artist – Being concerned but indecisive

We’re recently achieving the climax of the Fourth Turning. This can be a tricky duration however shouldn’t be regarded upon as a doom and gloom prophecy.

As Brandon Quittem places it:

“As a society, we want those moments of disaster. They function brush fires to scrub out the decrepit establishments to make method for brand new expansion. This generates buy-in from younger other people. Out with the outdated and in with the brand new. With a bit of luck, it’s a regenerative procedure permitting the cycle to proceed.”

Why This Is So Vital Proper Now

In the event you’ve ever listened to Ray Kurzweil talk you’ll know, the singularity is close to.

We’re getting into a duration of ever expanding pace of exchange.

We’re by no means going to create perfection, however we will be able to come to a decision to try towards a totalitarian dystopian long run or purpose towards a extra self-sovereign utopian one.

From the highest proper and transferring clockwise, we now have the Prophets, the Nomads, the Heros and the Artists, each and every in its respective a part of the saeculum, represented through its season.

In between each and every team, you spot a tree of lifestyles, as above so under, each and every technology is influenced through the 3 poisons of lack of expertise, anger and attachment.

3rd Layer: The Six Worlds

The 3rd layer represents the six geographical regions of Samsara.

The six geographical regions are cut up into the 3 Higher Nation-states the place happiness is bigger than struggling and the 3 Decrease Nation-states the place struggling is bigger than happiness.

In some representations of the wheel, there’s a Buddha depicted inside each and every realm, looking to assist sentient beings in finding their approach to Nirvana. We’ve depicted a rabbit in each and every realm as the typical word attached to finding out concerning the Bitcoin usual is to move down the rabbit hollow.

In each and every realm, the rabbit represents the essence of the world it’s in.

Best Middle: The God Realm

Historically, the God Realm is house to the Devas (learn: divas) who’ve final energy and wealth. This will likely sound like a super position to be, however as a result of their privileged lives, they are going to by no means know the truth of being human and so can by no means get away the wheel or turn out to be enlightened.

On this realm, we now have positioned early miners, whales, people who find themselves already residing in a type of castle. This team of other people will have discovered extra special wealth however would possibly not essentially be within the place of the usage of bitcoin out of necessity. They perceive its significance and paintings to convey the bitcoin usual into life.

We’ve selected to constitute the hodlr, the real believer because the Greek God Atlas that was once condemned to hold the celestial spheres on his shoulders and personifies the standard of staying power.

Best Proper: The Demi-God Realm

Within the unique Samsara, the Demi God Realm is reflective of bold excessive achievers, trade heads and politicians with very sturdy aggressive streaks and jealousy.

Within the Bitcoin Bhavacakra, we constitute this team with investors, lamborghinis, seashore entrance pads and lavish shows of wealth.

The collective trait of those other people is they see bitcoin as some way of having extra fiat.

Best Left: The Human Realm

Liberation from the Samsara is simplest conceivable from the Human Realm.

The Human Realm is regarded as to supply the most efficient alternative to observe the dharma—the common fact commonplace to all folks all the time—and it gives a chance to score Nirvana.

Since Nirvana in our interpretation is the liberty from the fiat gadget and the acceptance of a bitcoin usual, we now have depicted on this realm, those that perceive the significance of bitcoin as a need. They perceive absolutely the necessity for the separation of cash from the state, and so, they have got followed a bitcoin usual both thru trust in self-sovereignty or thru circumstance.

One of the crucial other people we now have depicted come with refugees who’ve actually carried their wealth within the type of 24 phrases saved in reminiscence, throughout borders and clear of their oppressive state, a Hong Kong protester, and a unfastened philosopher reducing ties from debt slavery.

Within the heart, you’ll see a pleb stacking cash, the silver coin is a nod to the “Freedom of the Folks” coin from the Roman duration depicting Libertas, the Goddess of Liberty.

The time period pleb originated from the Plebeians, a frame of “unfastened Roman electorate” who antagonistic the elite. They have been often referred to as “commoners.”

Within the background, you’ll see notable activists all over historical past who’ve additionally fought for humanity.

From left to proper: Julian Assange (founding father of WikiLeaks), Emmeline Pankhurst (Suffragettes), Martin Luther King (American civil rights motion), Maximilien Robespierre (French Revolution), and Mahatma Gandhi (India’s Independence and Civil Rights globally).

The cuckoo chicken pertains to “The Birds,” a political delusion written in 414 BC through the Greek comedian dramatist, Aristophanes.

The tale tells the story about two Athenians, bored stiff with taxes, over law and lifestyles within the town. The 2 ended up organising “Cloud Cuckoo Land,” a land that, in some ways, one may say resembled a unfastened marketplace or a land unfastened from an awesome executive, aka totalitarianism. It gives an orange tablet to someone short of to enroll in in development a cloud cuckoo land.

The white rabbit as all the time offers us a clue at the method out. We made up our minds to have slightly a laugh with our rabbit right here giving a connection with the intense Douglas Adams and contemplated what if we blended his resolution to the which means of lifestyles, the universe and the whole lot in The Hitchhiker’s Information to the Galaxy with Satoshi’s halving.

Backside Left: Ignorant (Animal Realm)

Historically, the beings on this realm are petrified of any exchange, incurious and undergo lifestyles in quest of convenience. They’re, subsequently, topic to oppression through different beings.

In our interpretation, we now have proven more than one circumstances of Sisyphus, a king in Greek mythology who was once condemned to a lifetime of pushing a boulder up a hill just for it to roll down once more. Necessarily, persons are residing paycheck to paycheck in a cycle of debt.

The couple looking at TV within a “gilded cage” indicates the willingness to surrender their freedoms for a very simple lifestyles.

Backside Middle: Hell Realm

Historically, this realm is characterized through anger, terror and claustrophobia led to through isolation.

All of our fundamental human rights as of late are both beneath assault through the state or have already been eradicated.

Freedom of press, freedom of speech, and the suitable of meeting had been eradicated.

This realm depicts the ones residing beneath tyrannical regimes that not have the alternatives the ones residing in freer societies must battle for his or her freedoms.

Hungry Ghost Realm

Custom says that hungry ghosts have the whole lot however nonetheless need extra. They’re by no means glad and, once they do come on the subject of getting what they would like, this can be a painful enjoy. They’re characterised through greed and addictions.

We’ve selected to incorporate two issues right here, the fashionable day bankers and gold insects.

There was once not anything extra becoming than in all probability essentially the most well-known banker of all of them taking into consideration they grasp a monopoly on cash itself .

You are going to see the banker is sitting on a rest room and to his left are to hand sheets of fiat rest room paper.

The gold scarabs have been incorporated since they have been a very powerful amulet to historic Egyptians utilized in jewellery and within the burial technique of the wealthy and robust. As soon as once more, we loved slightly of humor right here since those “gold insects” have been traditionally dung beetles that driven round fecal topic all day.

Even if we now have a recognize for the fashionable day gold computer virus, we really feel, since we are living in a virtual international, the gold insects, too, can be pushing round their historic relic of fecal topic.

The structures within the background are the Chinese language Central Financial institution (left), the Eu Central Financial institution (heart) and the Federal Reserve (proper).

Fourth Layer

The fourth layer represents the twelve hyperlinks of dependent origination. This a part of the wheel teaches us that the whole lot that occurs in lifestyles, each internal and outer, has a purpose and happens in sure prerequisites.

In step with Buddhist faith, those are the daily occasions that distract us and stay us trapped within the unending cycle of rebirth. The fiat Samsara makes use of other kinds of manipulation as a way to distract us from seeing its decaying foundations and stay the powers that be preserving the reins.


With roots from the Business Revolution, consumerism is the human need to possess and procure merchandise and items in way over one’s fundamental wishes. Despite the fact that that is incessantly known as the cause of financial expansion and construction, it has had unfavorable affects on society.

Research have proven that consumerism would possibly lead to a shift clear of values of group, spirituality and integrity, pushing as a substitute towards pageant, materialism and disconnection. Since fiat cash decreases in worth over the years, it incentivizes consumerism.

Loss of Training

The fundamental training fashion utilized in maximum puts on the earth is greater than a century outdated. It’s an industrialized, standardized and really centralized fashion.

This is a gadget that doesn’t see the person and is no doubt now not are compatible for the demanding situations of the 21st century. A public schooling gadget, managed through the federal government, without a doubt has an time table and we will have to query what that time table is.

Probably the most highest examples of propaganda in schooling is the truth you’ll entire a three-year economics level at any college within the West and now not have realized about fractional reserve banking. Why is that this? Without a doubt it will have to be lesson primary.

Nobody captured this moderately just like the mythical rock band, Crimson Floyd.

This can be a little homage to a cultural icon that opened the eyes of an entire technology with strange tune and lyrics.

“We don’t want no schooling

We don’t want no concept keep watch over

No darkish sarcasm in the school room

Lecturers go away them children on my own

Hi there, academics, go away them children on my own

All in all it’s simply any other brick within the wall

All in all you’re simply any other brick within the wall,”

Department: Two-Birthday party Politics, Divide and Overcome

“Divide and triumph over” is a political process of gaining and keeping up energy through breaking apart higher concentrations of energy into items which can be in my opinion weaker than the powers that be.

This technique has confirmed its application numerous instances and is being utilized in our societies as properly. We’re witnessing instances with nice and excessive divisions, manipulated with the assistance of social media shops. Those divisions stay the general public combating amongst themselves, and the ruling magnificence is unfastened to do as they need.

Social Engineering: Social Media Manipulation

It’s now commonplace wisdom that social media channels and lots of web websites accumulate our knowledge, be informed the whole lot they may be able to about us and use subtle algorithms to govern our considering.

This has created a post-truth international inflicting many disaster eventualities the world over. As Yuval Noah Harari places it on this interview, “The human thoughts is being hacked.”

This has super repercussions on our mental well-being and on the place society is headed.

Concern: Wars, Medicine, Viruses, Local weather

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are figures within the Christian religion, showing within the New Testomony‘s ultimate e-book. The Christian apocalyptic imaginative and prescient is that the 4 Horsemen are to set a divine finish time upon the sector as harbingers of the Final Judgement.

We’ve depicted the 4 Trendy Horseman of the Apocalypse, as Steven Levy in his e-book, Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Govt, has named the threats governments use to bestow worry on their inhabitants as a way to additional keep watch over and deny fundamental human rights. The warfare on medicine, terrorism, well being problems and local weather exchange are all depicted as threats to humanity which should be stopped in any respect value, together with the price of particular person liberty and privateness. This technique makes use of emotional manipulation to succeed in its targets.

Nazi chief Hermann Göring explains how other people may also be made apprehensive and to improve a warfare they another way would oppose:

“The folk don’t need warfare, however they may be able to all the time be dropped at the bidding of the leaders. That is simple. All it’s important to do is inform them they’re being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for loss of patriotism and for exposing the rustic to risk. It really works the similar in each nation.”

Paintings Slavery

The fashionable way of life and consumerism have created eventualities the place persons are incurring punitive ranges of debt and dealing longer hours to pay for his or her high-consumption way of life, which leads to them spending much less time with friends and family. The convenience of the web, messages and rapid emails have created a fact through which paintings may also be achieved outdoor of the workplace, and workers are incessantly anticipated to be to be had all the time. The rat race has turn out to be a truth of lifestyles for lots of.

Central Banking

This phase is in line with the portray Corrupt Law (1896) through Elihu Vedder, which hangs within the foyer of the Primary Studying Room within the Library of Congress, Thomas Jefferson Construction, Washington, DC. That portray displays the effects of deficient executive.

We commented in this portray with our personal model appearing the corrupt nature of the central financial institution gadget. The central determine is the monopoly guy, status at the chair of the Financial institution for World Settlements (BIS). On the proper of the portray is a attorney, with an open e-book, symbolizing the regulation that may exchange relying on what’s at the scale. At his ft, banknotes fall out of an urn, there are small sacks of grain, and a small moveable “protected.”

On the left, pleading with the central determine, is a tender woman preserving any empty distaff and bobbin for spinning. In the back of her are shards from a damaged pot and a broken-down wall.

Inflation, Financial Coverage and the Cantillon Impact

Inflation is the overall upward push in the associated fee degree over a time frame. When the associated fee degree rises, each and every unit of foreign money has much less buying energy and there’s a lack of actual worth in that medium of change.

The consistent printing of fiat cash reasons an ongoing lower in its worth. In different phrases, the “cash printer move BRRR,” fiat cash turns into rest room paper.

The exchange in cash provide has a selected injection level and, subsequently, a selected drift trail throughout the economic system. The primary recipient of the brand new provide of cash is within the handy place of having the ability to spend further bucks sooner than costs have larger. However whoever is remaining in line receives his proportion of recent bucks after costs have larger. That is referred to as the Cantillon Impact.

Loose Speech and Censorship

Loose speech is regarded as a pillar of democracy, but the very puts and folks that grasp that ideology are growing a global the place for those who grasp the unsuitable opinion you’ll and can be canceled.

Leisure: Numbing Distractions

The good lyrics of Crimson Floyd assist us as soon as once more to explain one of the most 12 issues that stay us within the fiat Samsara. Possibly now not the unique which means however it no doubt works to explain the numbing impact of streaming channels, tv and smartphones on our skill to have a look at the sector with crucial eyes.

“Hi? (Hi? Hi? Hi?)

Is there anyone in there?

Simply nod if you’ll listen me

Is there someone house?

Come on now

I listen you’re feeling down

Neatly I will ease your ache

There is not any ache you’re receding

A far off send smoke at the horizon

You’re simplest coming thru in waves

Your lips transfer however I will’t listen what you’re announcing..

I’ve turn out to be conveniently numb

I’ve turn out to be conveniently numb,”


Have you ever ever noticed a submit through any individual and feature your thoughts blown through how they might ever have got to the belief they have been writing about?

In truth, they most definitely take a look at your posts in the similar method.

Social media limits the publicity to various views and favors the formation of teams of like-minded customers framing and reinforcing a shared narrative, this is, echo chambers.

We adore to suppose that we’re all unfastened thinkers, however the fact we select to look is constructed thru an unending feed on our social media account, tv techniques, information shops and radio or podcasts we select to hear.

Privateness and Surveillance

“The web, our best device of emancipation, has been reworked into essentially the most unhealthy facilitator of totalitarianism we now have ever noticed” —Julian Assange.

The individuals who created the web understood how necessary privateness and knowledge coverage are. It’s now not about now not having anything else to cover, it’s about combating for true liberty.

We are hoping you revel in it up to we did making it.

Yonat Vaks, Mosaic.Rocks and Chiefmonkey

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