The FG Podcast – Sony's Scary PS5 Patent | EA and Acti Remasters | Resident Evil Quiz

Sean @ FG: Where did everybody go? It’s just Greg and Sean this week as they partake in what can only be described as a ‘Joey heavy episode of Friends’ version of the Finger Guns Podcast. The dynamic duo give impressions on Code Vein, Zombie Army 4, 7th Sector, 1 Finger Death Punch 2 and yet more Skyrim before talking about some of the hot topics of the week – EA and Activision are doing *more* remasters, Sony have made a mildly concerning patent and Phil Spencer says things that get taken out of context. Again. All of this is topped off by a new instalment of the indie corner, a quiz dedicated entirely to Resident Evil in Greg’s honour and a round up of all the gaming releases coming out this week.

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